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HoliMont's Summer of Capital Improvements

A New Season Begins ... In the Off-Season
Zaugg Pipe Groomer at HoliMont

Summertime at a ski resort probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a thrilling time. But when the last chairlift shuts down for the season and the snow finally melts off the slopes, an entirely new season begins at HoliMont. A season of repairing all the wear-and-tear that comes as a result of an entire ski season.

Admittedly, capital improvements are generally not a sexy conversation piece. Talking about digging up lines of pipe so that leaks can be fixed isn’t anything that tends to get snow enthusiasts too stoked. However, when the pipe that is replaced is the same pipe that pumps water for snowmaking, fixing those pipes is an absolute necessity.

Some improvements are exciting. HoliMont did purchase a Zaugg Pipe Groomer (pictured) over the off-season. The Zaugg will allow the Mountain Crew to further their efforts in making the half pipe both safer and more fun. Because of the way the Zaugg is shaped, it cuts a more elliptical shape in the pipe, which creates a smoother landing and allows riders/skiers to gain speed easier and get more hits in the pipe.

As you can imagine, there is plenty of winter season wear-and-tear that happens at HoliMont so the Maintenance Crew had plenty to keep them busy over the course of the summer. They did everything from installing new seat cushions on the Expo chairlift to working on new features for the Terrain Park. Repairs were done to the diesel generator and a vast array of electrical modifications were made. Carpeting was replaced and 20 new picnic tables were purchased for the Main Chalet. A new walkway and railing was installed outside of the HoliCenter along with countless other tweaks and upgrades.

Guests of HoliMont may never see half of the work that took place over the summer, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of any of the work. A lot of time and energy was put into making sure that the 2010-’11 season will be the best season to date at HoliMont … and then come next summer the same effort will go into making sure that 2011-’12 is even better. Find HoliMont online at or on Facebook at