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Holiday Valley Snowmaking: Let the “Powder Powerhouse” Season Begin
Snow being blown out over the hills at Holiday Valley
Patrick Neal

The “powder powerhouse” of Holiday Valley is locked and loaded to pump out that premium white fluffy stuff that is nothing short of the “lifeblood” of the resort. Starting at 8am Tuesday, Nov. 23, Snowmaking Supervisor Jeff Clancy is calling all snowmaking crews to be on deck, with three shifts working the clock in preparation until the temps get to where they need them.

Everyone is crossing their fingers for cold weather - below 30 degrees - ideal temps that are desired to get the snowmaking process underway. “The colder the better; we can produce snow at 30 degrees … but not much. Ideally, we need temps of 20-22 degrees. We can make better snow this way,” says Clancy.

Anticipated runs that will open first include the ever-so-popular Mardi Gras, Yodeler and the Candy Cane Loop. If they’re really pumping out snow, throw an additional four to five runs onto that. “If the temperatures cooperate, we might be able to kick butt and open quicker [more runs] than expected,” says Clancy.

Although it appears that we will all be sharing yet another “green Thanksgiving” this year, Clancy sees a bright light at the end of the tunnel. “Looking at the weather now, there’s a good possibility that by Thanksgiving night we’ll be able to get things moving,” he says.

Artificial snow is produced with high pressure water and air mixed together, hence why we need such cold temperatures. “It’s all a huge scientific process that’s weather dependent, and as soon as we get the weather, we’re geared up as a team and ready to go so we can get people out,” says Clancy.

Clancy has been an employee of Holiday Valley for 17 years, and has held the position of Snowmaking Supervisor for the past 5 seasons.

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