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Customize the Way You See the Mountain

The Boardroom Snowboard Shop Introduces the Oakley Goggle Bar
Goggle Bar at The Boardroom Snowboard Shop
Chris Perks

It’s easy for any snowsport enthusiast to become devoured in accessorizing themselves, let alone “customizing” the way they look. However, what about customizing the way you see things while you’re ripping down the mountain?

Being one of only 24 participating dealers nationwide, The Boardroom Snowboard Shop of Ellicottville is now offering the “Oakley Goggle Bar” to skiers and snowboarders. Stop by; choose your lens, frame, strap and outriggers to any color combination you’d like. Then, wait while your custom goggles are transfigured just to your specifications.

“The combinations are limited only by your imagination,” says Mike Timkey, owner of The Boardroom. The goggle models available, which are the most popular from Oakley, include Splice, Crowbar and Elevate; Elevate being more women’s specific. The upside to it all is that there’s no premium for customizing your goggles. For example, if you were to purchase a stock goggle, a custom goggle is around the same price. Prices range from $130 and up.

Lens options include Polarized, Clear, High Intensity Yellow, H.I. Persimmon, Emerald Iridium, Black Iridium, Fire, Dark Grey and G30. “We encourage our customers to go outside with the different lenses in the natural light to check out how they’re seeing things. Lens technology is a pretty big deal,” says Mike. Between the Goggle Bar and normal retail goggles, The Boardroom has a huge selection of goggles to choose from.

Goggles aside, the Timkey family is pumped about the newest technology that’s dominating the snowboard market - reverse camber edge profiling. This makes the board easier to ride on, better to learn on and offers more performance. “At the end of the day, it’s just more fun. Period,” says Samantha Timkey.

The Boardroom, which started out in the 1980’s doing ski rentals, has flourished into a mecca for the winter sports devotee. They offer not only the latest in snowboards, apparel and goggle technology, but have an entire room dedicated to the female snowsports enthusiast called “The Powder Room.” “This is one of the only women’s specific rooms in the area, offering everything from hats, socks and things in between, bags, hoodies and base layers. This isn’t just for snowboarders. Don’t forget about casual women’s lifestyle clothing, too,” says Sam.

The Timkeys started out in the 1980’s renting skis, and also selling gloves and goggles. The snowboard entity was added around 1990. Servicing both skis and snowboards are their strong suit, and still remain a haven for rentals. Additionally, they’re the only off-site lift ticket location for Holiday Valley. The Timkey family says their main feature is “customer service … hands down.” “We’re here every day as a family, and we love what we do,” says Jodie.

Visit The Boardroom Snowboard Shop at 6113 Route 219 at the foot of Holiday Valley Road. You can also reach them by telephone at 716-699-5620. Hit ‘em up on their newly launched website, www.BoardsAndPowder.com, or become a fan on Facebook.