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The Source: Ski/Snowboard Outfitters

One-on-One with the Local Shops: Meet the Crews and See What’s in Store for the 2012-’13 Ski Season

With the colorful canopy of fall foliage, haunted hayrides, cozy sweaters and the NFL season, many enjoy the more-relaxed atmosphere that Ellicottville has to offer, as the summer months come to an end.

   On the other hand, the die-hards are developing that seasonal “itch” to hit the mountain, spending these months sipping on their October Fests and faithfully watching the weather reports for low temps. Many begin each morning by running to the nearest window, checking for the first snowfall and counting down the minutes until the guns fire off at our local ski areas, Holiday Valley and HoliMont.

   While you’re waiting, take an afternoon - or two - to browse the stunning selection of ski and snowboard shops that Ellicottville has to offer. Check out our Q&A sessions in this section of “The Source: Ski/Snowboard Outfitters” with each of the local shops - highlighting their specialties, hot gear for the 2012-‘13 season and unique background information on each of them. After all, they don’t call Ellicottville the Aspen of the East for nothin’. 

The City Garage: Interview with Trey Clauss

Trey Claus at The City Garage. Photo/Chris Perks

Located off the beaten path and tucked beside an alleyway resides the skier’s utopia of Ellicottville, The City Garage. As their motto boasts, “I Am a Skier,” this shop has been recognized for the past two years by Skiing Business Magazinefor “Best Shop Vibe.” This crew is excited to come to work daily, meet new people and take care of their longtime customers.

Specialties: Having fun!

What’s hot this winter at The City Garage?

We are very happy to announce the addition to our ski wall from RMU (Rocky Mountain Underground). RMU skis are handmade in CO and are geared for freeride/backcountry skiers. We are also very happy to be a part of "50 Years of Serious Fun" from the K2 Ski Corporation - they’re celebrating their 50thyear in the ski biz alongside the 50thanniversary of the Rolling Stones. Both band and brand have teamed up to release four limited edition skis featuring four different graphics from their past eras.

What gear is some of The CG staff rocking this winter?

So, working at a ski shop obviously has its perks. Here's what some of the CG staff will be rocking for this upcoming season.

Sean Lowes (owner)- Sean will be trying to relive his "glory days" of mogul mania on The Chute, skiing on Hart F17's with Salomon STH bindings and Salomon XMax 120 boots. If you're ever riding up the chair on The Chute be sure to watch out for the bosswrench … he really likes to cut loose!

Patra Lowes (softgoods buyer/sister of Sean)- Patra skis the majority of her season in Utah, so that means that she has to ride on a little bit of a wider ski to handle the softer conditions. She chooses the K2 Superstitious with Marker binding and Salomon Quest 100 boots. When Patra isn't skiing in Utah she also loves to explore the hilltops of Ellicottville with her Atlas 10 Series snowshoes.

Tammy (softgoods dept./outdoor enthusiast)- Tammy loves the outdoors. You will rarely find her near any chairlift or groomed ski slope. Tammy represents for The CG's cross country and outdoor department. When she is blazing her own trail on one of her many routes, she chooses the Fischer SBound 98 ski with Fischer 3 pin binding and Fischer BCX backcountry boot. Tammy really loves to embrace what Cattaraugus County has to offer and she says, "you should too!"

The “bosswrench,” that’s too funny! What’s happening with your clothing lines?

Here at The CG, we always get excited about the gear that comes in, especially the clothing! Living and skiing in WNY, you have to be ready for anything (especially last winter!) For the men we are most excited about the FlyLow brand. FlyLow is based out of CO and is geared for functionality. We will be featuring the Higgins 2 layer shell jacket with the Swindler insulated "mini puffer" jacket. This isn't your "old school" down coat. Thin, lightweight, and especially warm, the Swindler is great for layering or hitting the deck for après! To finish off your FlyLow kit, you'll need the Chemical pant. This pant is a super water/bomb proof. It features re-enforced material in the knees and lower cuff. Backcountry Magazine has tested and picked it "best in test" for the past two years.

For the ladies, we know that most women are all about fashion and function. Isis is a brand that fully embraces just that. Whether you are an outdoor diva or a morning dog walker, they are a women's-only clothing company that strives to create pieces for all four seasons. We are most excited about the Lindsay softshell skirt. It is made with a stretchy, waterproof softshell material with a bonded micro fleece liner. The Lindsey can be accompanied by the Isis Cable Knit tight for the cooler temps. Another must-have from Isis is the Whisper jacket, made with "real down." The Whisper is super lightweight and is a great 3-season piece. I'm pretty sure that every girl or girl that is married to someone that works here has at least two!

Last but not least, Icebreaker merino wool is our #1 base/mid-layer brand. They are based out of New Zealand, where the world's largest merino wool sheep population is. Icebreaker strives to use only the best merino wool from the sheeps - that's why they introduced "find your sheep". What is that you ask? Well, they have figured out a numbering system for all their sheep that they use and have the numbers printed on each item’s tag. You can go on their website and enter the number to find out where your sheep lives and its history. You would be surprised on how soft and warm this stuff is in the winter and how cool it keeps you in the summer. You have to realize the climate of New Zealand and what those sheep have to endure each day!

What kind of music would I hear if I walked in the store?

Depending on our mood of the day, the hour, or the customer, we like to play a little bit of everything. We have Sirius XM radio in the store, so if we wanna rock with The Stones, roll with The Dead, or just get a little weird with Cher, we can do so. I think music has a lot to do with our "best vibe,” people always have something to relate to our music. If anything it reminds them of something in their past that makes them happy.

Why should I buy my skis at The CG?

We know that there are a lot of ski shops in WNY, but there's only one City Garage! We are skiers. The staff here has a great diversity of skier types. From supercarving the groomers, sliding rails in the terrain park, ripping moguls on The Chute, skiing blower pow in Utah, dropping a knee on Woodstock, or just out making your own trail in the woods, we embrace all styles of skiing. Skiing has really evolved over the past ten years and we try to stay one or two steps ahead.

Do you have one accessory that is popping off the shelves this season?

Our most exciting accessory this season would have to be the Gibbon Slackline. Slacklining is an activity based on tight rope walking and a little bit of trampoline. All you need is a Gibbon Slackline and two trees. Most people may have already seen it but not have known what it was. Madonna contracted Gibbon for her Superbowl extravaganza last year and has also brought them on her current world tour.

What is your one wish for this winter?

We really hope that if people haven't realized what a great four-season town Ellicottville is, that they do ... and of course The City Garage is here year round to help you enjoy those four seasons!

Whether you are a skier or simply a lover of the outdoors and recreation, a stop by The City Garage will be time well spent. Their one-of-a-kind atmosphere and highly knowledgeable sales staff, who all exude a passion for the sport of skiing, continue to draw customers with a different energy than the average skier. Their attitude of making the sport as fun as possible and having a good time has paid off for them, and it will for you, too!

The Boardroom / PowderRoom: Interview with Samantha Timkey

The Boardroom Staff. Photo/Chris Perks

Known by many for their convenient location at the foot of Holiday Valley Road, The Boardroom has flourished into a mecca for the winter sports devotee over the past few decades. Not only do they offer the latest in snowboards, apparel and goggle technology, but they have an entire room dedicated to the female sports enthusiast called, The PowderRoom.

Specialties: Customer service, and words to live by from Iron Mike: “When you find a job that you love, you never have to work a day in your life.”

What's hot in the store this winter?

We are super excited to announce that we will be selling Homewood Snowboards, a local manufacturing company out of Bradford, PA. These guys are awesome, and they share our passion for growing the sport as well as selling fun! Also, we picked up thirtytwo Boots, which will compliment our existing hardgoods brands such as Never Summer, Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy, Union, Nike Snowboarding and Salomon. We have made some big changes to our Oakley Goggle Bar, now offering the Airbrake and spankin’ new Canopy. There is so much to talk about and get stoked on it’s really hard to just pick a few. After coming off of such a horrendous winter, we are more than ready for some cold weather!

What separates the Powder Room from other female-inspired brands at other local shops?

The PowderRoom is the original women’s specific shop in town. It has really evolved into a labor of love for me since the beginning. As women became more and more active in snowsports, we realized that we were missing a huge chunk of the market. Also, our manufacturers started to produce more women’s clothing, which made it easier to create. So, by having some demarcation in the floorplan, we were able to achieve a number of things, such as being able to cater to women who wanted to look great and feel good on the hill. Since the beginning of the PowderRoom, the selection has grown from outerwear to base layers to apparel - appealing to everyone.

If you could buy one accessory at your store, what would it be?

That’s a tough one. If I had to pick it would either be our brand new New Era custom 9FIFTY snapbacks or the Holiday Valley/Boardroom collaboration pipe gloves from Celtek. Both of those are super unique and have limited quantities, so they will be going quickly!

What is something you offer that other local stores don't / what separates you?

Our knowledgeable staff for one thing. Everyone on the floor and behind the scenes knows the program inside and out. The Goggle Bar is next in line. When Oakley came to us and asked if we would be interested in offering custom goggles, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. It is such an exciting venture to be part of, and it allows every single person to have a completely customized pair of goggles. Between existing models Splice, Crowbar and Elevate, and new ones Airbrake and Canopy, there are literally a million combinations. You don’t have to break the bank either; many custom goggles cost the same as a pair of prebuilt goggles.

Is rental a big part of your business?

Rental makes up a huge part of our business. We are replacing all of our standard snowboard rentals this year with decks that have new technologies, including alternate camber and edge profiling, so your time on snow will be maximized. Also, we added twin tip skis to our fleet as well as a slew of brand new performance skis.

What kind of music would I hear playing at The Boardroom if I walked in right now?

If we aren’t playing Art of Flight or That’s It, That’s All, it’s almost guaranteed that Coffeehouse Rock will be streamed though satellite radio. It’s the perfect blend of pop and classic rock, and very easy listening.

Why shop The Boardroom?

Why NOT shop The Boardroom?! Only kidding - we absolutely LOVE what we do, between seeing those familiar faces every weekend and equipment trouble shooting, day in and day out our passion is getting you on the hill in the right stuff and loving every minute of it. We also have a great staff, most importantly Ben, who has been with us for 10+ years helping us keep the wheels greased. Oh, and we have two Beagles that come to the shop every day, Shamus and Chief, and they are the most lovable pups on the planet.

If you had one wish for this winter, what would it be?

I have to believe that I’m not alone when I say snow. Lots and LOTS of snow!

When you stop by The Boardroom, not only do you get access to an abundance of product, but you get the warm welcome that can always be expected from the Timkey family, their knowledgeable sales staff and their dogs! You have to pass it to get into town – whether on foot patrol or in the car – it’s a must stop shop!

Mud, Sweat n’ Gears: Interview with Kim Reading

Miguel A. and Kim Reading at Mud, Sweat and Gears. Photo/Chris Perks

For one of the most aesthetically pleasing and cutting edge stores in town, you’d better swing by Mud Sweat n’ Gears at their NEW location - 18 Monroe Street inside the Marketplace Building. Not only does the updated MSG store have a slew of new gear, but their stock of skis, snowboards, boots and bindings have been updated with their operation’s new location. This store is perfect for the avid skier, snowboarder, little tyke or avid outdoorsperson. You want it, they’ve got it.

Specialties:“Our staff … we're a bunch of fun loving skier/rider enthusiasts just like you, and we really like what we do.”

What's “hot” this winter at MSG?

Without a doubt, the “Speed Factory” … a completely new, high-end tuning and service center. Our commitment to providing progressive ski and snowboard tuning has been validated with our investment in the most innovative tuning equipment from Montana of Switzerland. With all new machinery, the Speed Factory will provide the highest level of service, consistent workmanshipand affordable prices. Customers will also see extended hours of operation on weekends and quicker turn around times. The Speed Factory will also feature daily ski and snowboard rentals and high performance demos.

That’s pretty impressive! Are there any other neat aspects to the new store?

We spent a lot of time creating the aesthetic of the store. There are lots of unexpected yet functional details and on-trend finishes that make the new space unique and appealing. Inadditional, the extra retail space has given us the ability to have some fun with product presentation and visual merchandising. It was exciting to see all the creative aspects of the space come together over the summer. And I have to say it’s equally exciting to see our customers’ reactions to the space, both for form and function.

What does the new store have that the old store didn’t?

Location, location, location … and space, space, space! As our business grew, we became spatially challenged and simply ran out of ways to meet our customers’ needs, effectively display product and perhaps sell our merchandise. Our new corner location and space lends itself to more merchandising and selling opportunities.

What separates MSG from other local ski shops?

Every specialty ski and snowboard shop in Ellicottville has something different to offer their customers. From the beginning, our vision was to create a down-to-earth specialty ski and snowboard store unique in its range and level of service. We have always been customer service driven and have created a loyal customer base because of our commitment to providing exceptional service. Going forward, that aspect of our business will never change.

If there was one thing you'd want outsiders to know about MSG, what would it be?

Our energy level is high and beginning in 2013, Mud, Sweat n’ Gears will be open year round. We have seen Ellicottville become as much of a destination in the summer as it is in the winter. We want to do our part as local business owners to help with the success and continued growth of Ellicottville.

Brand names I can find at MSG are …

All the good stuff from Rossignol, Volkl, Nordica, Head, Fischer, Blizzard, Elan, Dalbello, Tecnica, Marker, Burton, K2, Ride, DC, Rome, Rossignol Snowboards, Giro, Smith, Bern, POC, Uvex, Oakley, Anon, Scott, Space Craft, Dakine, Coal, Pistil, Nomis, Grenade, Oakley Outerwear, Analog, Arc'teryx, Marmot, Rab, DNA, Marker Ltd., Orage, Spyder, Lole, Karbon, Rossignol Tecnical Outerwear, Powderhorn, Obermeyer, Neve, Prana, Horny Toad, Swix, , Salomon, Smartwool and so much more!

What kind of music am I likely to hear while shopping at MSG?

The range of music in our shop is wide and very diverse, to say the least. Genres include everything from classic country to hip hop. It really depends on who plugs their device in first to our vintage Pioneer Quadrophonic sound system.

If you had one wish for the 2012-‘13 season, what would it be?

S-N-O-W! Period.

At MSG, their roots are simple but their vision is clear: As crazy as they are about winter sports, they're even more so about providing you with the best ski and snowboard gear on the planet. Their new location is as much a gathering place as it is a store. Don’t leave this store off your to-do list!

Dekdebruns Ski Shop & Curley’s Snowboards: Interview with Kylie Dekdebrun

Dekdebruns. Photo/Chris Perks

Now serving the Ellicottville community for over 50 years, you can find this family owned and operated ski and snowboard shop tucked quaintly beneath the awning at 20 Washington Street in downtown Ellicottville. Dekdebruns Ski Shop & Curley’s Snowboards are known internationally and throughout the village for not only their boot fitting expertise, but also their ability to create a comfortable ski and snowboard experience for anyone.

Specialties: skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, clothing and accessories. Dekdebruns offers over 65 years of combined experience.

What’s “hot” this winter at Dekdebruns?

Capita Snowboards, Thirty-Two Boots, Canada Goose Clothing, Faction Candide Ski, K2’s New Front-Side Carving Skis, Flow Bindings’ Nasty with Active Strap Technology and Airblaster Clothing.

What gear is the Dekdebruns crew rockin’ this season?

Greg Dekdebrun- Goode Skis, Apex Boots, Knee Binding

Kylie Dekdebrun- Arbor Cadence Board, Drake Reload Binding, Nike Zoom-Fi Boot

Jay Mowrey- Capita Black Snowboard of Death, Ride Capo Binding, Nike-Ites Boot

Kirsten Andersen- Blizzard Black Pearl Skis, Marker Jester Binding, Atomic Hawx Boots

You’re famous for your boot fitting expertise. Tell us what all the hype is about?

Our team heat molds and aligns your boots, and your stance and center of balance are analyzed on our TekScan machine. This computer-generated picture shows us how to adjust your equipment to ensure you have the proper body alignment before you hit the slopes. We are one of only eight shops in the U.S. certified to offer Footbalance custom foot beds.

I heard your store has three floors of gear and clothing. True?

Yes, we absolutely do! We also house a large pool of ski, snowboard, snowshoe and equipment rentals.

Do you have clothing for non-skiers/riders? Or other things suitable for après?

As far as clothing, we carry Smartwool, Nils, Meister, Laundromat and Candygrind, all of which are appropriate for skiing, snowboarding and après … take your fashion with you from the hill to town. We also carry a line of lifestyle pieces called Covelo, which is a complete selection of après ski fashion.

Aside from selling gear and clothing, are there any additional services you offer?

We are a full-service shop, from start to finish. We do custom fitting and sizing, alterations, warranty concerns, and regular tuning and binding adjustments.

Your new tagline for the 2012-‘13 season is“Experience the Difference.” What’s the difference?

Between Greg, Patti, Jay and I, we have over 65 years of combined experience to bring to the table. We think this sets us apart from the rest, not only with our ability to make your experience memorable, but with our ability to answer your questions, cater to your needs and steer you in the right direction. You will Experience the Difference by shopping at Dekdebruns the moment you walk through the front door.

Anything cool you’d like people to know about Dekdebruns?

We once sold four Japanese executives complete ski and boot packages, without exchanging one word of English! A fifth gentleman acted as a translator, with very elementary English abilities. The transaction was done through price reading and hand gestures!

What’s your one wish for this winter?

Snow and cold, of course! We won’t have a season without it! And world peace.

While you’re gallivanting from shop-to-shop, take a moment to stop by Dekdebruns and Experience the Difference.You will find nearly anything you could possibly be looking for, with the added bonus of being surrounded by fantastic people with “mountains” of knowledge.

Homewood Snowboards: Interview with Ryan Williamson

Staff of Homewood Snowboards. Photo/Homewood Snowboards

Embarking on their second year in the snowboard manufacturing scene, Homewood Snowboards out of Bradford, PA (30 minutes south of Ellicottville) are locked and loaded for the 2012-‘13 season. These guys pride themselves on their boards being “Made in the USA.” If you don’t have time to head to Bradford, find their product line featured right in town at The Boardroom.

Specialties: Snowboards that are handcrafted in PA by riders, for riders. Also, eating pizza.

What’s “hot” this winter at Homewood?

Clint Kline is pretty hot … and available … I think. The heat press is also very hot, which makes the whole shop one American sweatshop in the summer. Hopefully this winter things will change, though.

If I wanted a Homewood board, where could I find one? Do you have a retail store?

We are in a few shops around the area. The Boardroom in Ellicottville, NY; Eastern H2O in Pittsburgh, PA; and Suburban Blend in Jamestown, NY. Or, did you mean the factory retail store? Yeah, we have a little storefront in the factory, 57 Holley Aveue, Bradford, PA. Don’t bother parking in front of the door, though. Randy will just come yell at you to move. Also, tell him that you think Barry Bonds is overrated.

Dang! So, after I make it past Randy, what will I find in the store?

In the store, we have this year’s line of boards, a few from last year, some 2nds that are discounted and exclusive to the shop, a bunch of t-shirts and hoodies, goodies like bottles, koozies, frisbees, lip balm, dirty dishes, old bikes, a blow-up monkey, a really cool Dock Ellis skateboard, moldy oranges and Signal Midwest buttons that they left here long ago and might not know about.

At the store, what kind of tunes do you guys bump and grind to?

Usually some punk rock. Other times some bluegrass, some hip hop, the sound of jake brakes off in the distance, 90’s music - can’t forget about the 90’s and never enough Garth Brooks.

What’s your most impressive board this year?

My personal favorite board this year is the Randy. It’s true twin with The Blend shape (rocker/camber). It has a Carbonfix pattern to give you that nice pop at the camber and torsional stability from heel to tow. Plus, the graphic has a birdman and a dude with his lady friend on a motorized scooter. This board pretty much makes you a better snowboarder!

That’s awesome, and all of your board artwork is done in-house, I hear?

Yes, all of the art comes from our good friends or from us. Artists this year include Drew Thorla, Alyssa Moora, Lisa Yoder, Amy Wincek, Marleee Malpiedi and myself.

How are you preparing for future demand, now that you’ve made it past the first year?

We really needed that first year under our belts to test, tweak, change and figure things out. We all feel very confident with the boards going into this year. While we’re still constantly testing and trying new things, we can spend more time on production and put out more boards. And who knows? Maybe people might even buy them.

Would you ever consider expanding your retail store into Ellicottville?

We have boards at The Boardroom, so we would never consider opening a shop in the same town and try to compete with the good people there. They’ve been more than helpful to us and we would love to help them as much as we can.

What’s your one wish for this winter?

World peace.

Overview of Homewood Snowboards

In January 2011, the Homewood crew purchased all of their equipment from the Hayes Brothers, who were manufacturing snowboards for eight years previous out of VT. Homewood brought everything to Bradford and quickly set up shop. Steve Hayes, owner of Hayes Brothers and former Burton rider, came down every weekend for the first couple months to help get things set up and show the Homewood crew the way. Now, the guys are set and ready to roll for the 2012-‘13 season. Check them out … nothing says “Shop Local” and “Made in the USA” better than this!

The Mountain Shops at Holiday Valley: Interview with Karl Kirshner

Youth Apparel section at Holiday Valley Resort. Photo/Holiday Valley Resort

Want to know one of Holiday Valley’s most exciting secrets? Their Mountain Shops are jam-packed with incredible gear at amazing prices! The Mountain Shops at HV pride themselves in offering value oriented, affordable prices for every member of the family.

Specialties: Special ordering and direct home product shipment. The Mountain Shop team will make every attempt to find the item you want, even if it’s at another shop.

What’s “hot” this winter at the HV Mountain Shops?

Our staff - both girls and guys! They’re enormously knowledgeable and helpful. Okay … the reality is, all of Holiday Valley is “hot,” and that’s all year long!

How are you preparing for the influx of customers you will experience after the new Main Chalet opens?

Our goal is - and always has been - to provide an exceptional shopping experience for our guests at the Holiday Valley Mountain Shops.We were fortunate to have experienced a very large increase in sales in the Main Mountain Shop when the Tamarack Lodge opened, which was built adjacent to the “old” Main Chalet and the Holiday Valley Mountain Shops. So, we are anticipating another great increase in sales with the new 68,000 square foot lodge being “steps away” from the Main Mountain Shop.  So our staff is ready.

If you could pick your ski/snowboard outfit from the Mountain Shop, head to toe, man or woman, what would it be?

For women, it would be the uniquely sophisticated Roxy Meridian Jacket in the Wasabi colorway, coordinated with the Roxy Canyon Pant in Bronze. For layering, we recommend as a first layer the Roxy “Tree” series 1stlayer top and bottom. Add the Maple Fleece “bunny fur feel” Full Zip in black and the “warmth” is locked in, yet breathability will keep her dry. Seal in the warmth with the Hillside Roxy Beanie and top it off with the Roxy Rockferry goggle and she’s ready for any conditions the mountain has to offer. This outfit looks great on any woman, from teens and beyond, regardless of age or if they ski or ride.

For men, my opinion is anything from Northface. But we offer so much that we recommend that you visit.

Why should people shop at the HV Mountain Shops versus a manufacturer?

Because we offer some of the very best winter merchandise that you will ever view in our shops here at Holiday Valley. Our pricing is the same, or in many cases, less than you’ll find at a traditional ski and/or snowboard store. We believe in great merchandise at very fair pricing. We want to earn your loyalty by being competitively fair, friendly and knowledgeable, and by treating you to an exceptional shopping experience.

The mountain is open late, correct?

Once the season starts, we are open every evening at the Main Mountain Shop, Monday through Thursday until 8:30pm, and Friday/Saturday until 10pm. The Yodeler Mountain Shop is open Sunday through Thursday until 5pm, and Friday/Saturday until 7pm. So, if you want to shop late we are open! Our scheduled “Fall” opening for the Main Mountain Shop is Friday, Nov. 16, and we will be open Monday through Saturday from 9:30am-5pm (we plan on having Golf weather until Nov. 1, then we start “flipping the shop to winter.”) Once we open for the season both the Main Mountain Shop and the Yodeler Mountain Shop are open seven days a week.

What is your most impressive accessory?

Anything from Dakine.

What kind of music would I hear in the Mountain Shop right now?

Airborne Toxic Event.

If you had one wish for this winter, what would it be?

A 24-hour lake effect storm dropping 48 inches of snow on Dec. 21, the first day of winter.

When you’re preparing for your winter season, don’t be a stranger to the Holiday Valley Mountain Shops. Even before the mountain opens for skiing, take a cruise to the resort and hit the shop to load up on your gear. They are chock full of new and exciting ski and snowboard wear for the upcoming season.

HoliMont Slopeside Snowsports & Gear Up Mountain Sports: Interview with Indrek Kongats

Helmets at Photo/HoliMont Ski Area

Even though HoliMont Ski Area is private on the weekends, their Slopeside Snowsports Shop is open to the public seven days a week! With products ranging from gloves and hats to goggles and helmets, you can rest assured that if you’re looking for something new or forgot something at home, you’ll be able to find it here!

Specialties:Smith helmet and goggle fitting.

What’s the “hot” item in the shop this winter?

Wind x-treme multifunctional headwear and Bogs!

What do you traditionally sell the most of?

Smith Goggles and Helmets … we have one of the largest selections in this area and our goggle wall has almost every frame and color!

Is there a section of your store that differs from other shops?

We have a large footwear selection including Bogs, Timberland and Helly Hansen.

What gear are you rocking for the 2012-‘13 season?

Smith helmet with compatible Smith goggles.

What are your top brands?

Smith, K2, Bogs, Helly Hansen

Can anyone stop by your shop?

We carry everything a family requires to have fun during the season. We are open for skiing to the public only during the week, Monday through Friday, but both our shops - Slopeside (boutique) and Gear Up Mountain Sports (hardgoods and rentals) are open to everyone seven days a week!

Tell me about your tuning and repair shop …

We have an excellent tuning and repair shop specializing in hand sharpening and waxing. If customers have some serious ski repair issues we can get them back on the slopes with some high performance demo skis.

What kind of music do you rock in the shop?

Our store is open to the main chalet and usually live music filters into the shop. If a live band isn't playing, then we will have a variety of top classics, jazz, blues, oldies and country western, depending on the mood of the day and the weather.

If you had one wish for this winter season, what would it be?

We sell more product if it's cold outside but we rent more equipment if it’s nice … either way, we love lots of snow!

What makes your store different from the rest?

We are right on the hill with plenty of parking in front and quick access from the slopes to the store to grab something forgotten or to try out a new demo ski or board. We are big into Telemark gear as well and specialize in Tele backcountry equipment.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

We have no lift lines during the week and we are open to the public. Fortunately, HoliMont is still the best kept secret in the east - great slopes, great snowmaking, great shops, great service and friendly staff. Oh! And did I say no lift lines!

HoliMont is North America’s largest private ski area devoted to family skiing adventures. This resort is well-known for its challenging slopes and community atmosphere. With 52 slopes that cover 135 skiable acres, HoliMont has enough terrain to keep you busy all day long; stop by for a gander into Slopeside Snowsports while you’re scoping their scene. As mentioned earlier, Slopeside is open to non-members seven days a week.