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The Fitness Shaman

Va Va Voom Life: Reinvention, Healing, Transition


   Inevitably, when what we believe changes or needs updating, it’s helpful to update our environment to reflect our own reinvention.  Have you ever noticed how you start to feel comfortable and then life changes?  Or what you thought was cool yesterday and looks great on you, is actually not so attractive on you today?  It’s both a blessing and a challenge to be as author Ester Hicks says, “tapped in, tuned in and turned on”. 
   We all have access to that moment when we feel really great and alive; answers come naturally and easily. Life is the most fun when we are following what lights us up.  But what about when what lights us up changes?  What about when life changes? 
   Every one of us gets a fresh start everyday, so here are some helpful ways to use that fresh slate for your highest good and be a benevolent ripple of light in the world ...
Many people feel that fashion is a shallow and superficial endeavor.  When you express yourself through your clothes, jewelry and hair cut you are communicating something to the world.  Whether we want to admit it or not, 80% of communication is non-verbal, and so the way we dress and express ourselves is doing a lot of talking.  Choosing your wardrobe can be a powerful method of reflecting your new self and true alignment.  The way you dress or communicate can change hour-to-hour, moment-to-moment.  The point is, you can be conscious about taking the changes inside and letting them be known in the physical world through something as simple as your wardrobe. 
   Another powerful way to follow what lights you up is to clear away any objects that are not in support of your new direction in your home, office or car.  If you have decided you want to be healthy, remove any remits of fast food or pepsi cans from your vehicle.  You are more likely to default back to your old patterns if you have reminders of them in your direct environment.  Choose new environmental anchors in your life to reflect your new direction.  For example: instead of Oreo’s in the glove box, try some raw cashews. 
   Cleaning is the number one way to change the nature of your home, office or vehicle.  Remove items that no longer reflect what you want to become.  Instead, slowly add meaningful symbols of what lights you up, including inspiring people, places and things that are really meaningful to you.  When we return from a trip or have experienced loss of a loved one, it’s a powerful time to look around, makes changes and honor life.  
The most powerful medicine in the game of alignment is remembering our greatness and affirming the pure grace in ourselves, our peeps, our life at home, at the office and in our closet.  If you need help finding your true alignment at home, in the office or in your closet, contact VA VA VOOM Co. specializing in Feng Shui and Organization of space!  This is a wonderful way to help heal or transition from one stage in life to the next.  VVV is a lifestyle company dedicated to shining it’s light in the world and helping others to remember their natural state is well being.