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The Boardroom / PowderRoom

"Innovate, Don't Imitate"
photo/The Boardroom
One-on-one with:
Samantha Timkey, VP of High 5's
6113 Route 219
Ellicottville, NY 14731
   WNY’s raddest snowboard shop! We’re masters of setting you up with the gear that’s perfect for you. Snowboarding isn’t life or death! Let’s have some fun with it. We want you to come in, hang with our two beagles, crack some jokes and just get stoked on the experience. That’s what we’re trying to sell - the experience. We’re also a full-service shop, so come get your stuff tuned up before the season! Don’t miss out on our Oakley Goggle Bar, where you can build your own Oakley Goggle (all models available!) We’re also the only off-hill location that sells Holiday Valley lift tickets, and we’ve got a full lineup of high-performance ski and snowboard rentals. 
Brand names we can find inside The Boardroom:
   Nike Snowboarding, Under Armour, GoPro, Lib Tech/GNU/Roxy, Never Summer, Union Bindings, Oakley, Giro, New Era, Smith, Volcom, 686, Homewood (Made in Bradford!), Niche Snowboards, thirtytwo boots, Salomon, Quiksilver, Roxy Snow, One Ball Jay, Airhole Facemasks, Celtek, Dakine 
A lot of people will be excited to hear that you’re now carrying Volcom in the store.  Can you give us a glimpse into your Volcom selection, and any other new lines you’re brining in this year?
   We are so, so stoked on bringing Volcom back into our store. It’s just such a killer company with tons of brand power, and the line this year is very good. The quality of the product is unparalleled, while the style spans the spectrum from edgy to conservative - it covers our entire customer base. 
What hardgood products are you super stoked on selling this season?
   We’ve really narrowed our brands down to the point where anything you buy is going to get you stoked on the hill. Obviously, Nike is just crushing the game right now. They’ve added Boa technology to a couple of their boots. Union Bindings recently brought Travis Rice onto its team, so he’s got a signature binding called The Factory. It’s sick. Lib and GNU continue to elevate their games, and we’ve brought in new models such as the Impossible, Hot Knife, Box Scratcher and Rider’s Choice for guys and the T-Bird and Ladies’ Choice for our ladies. 
Same question, softgoods.
   We all know how good of a product Under Armour makes, and it’s no different for its outerwear, which we brought in new for this season. In addition to having competitively priced 3-in-1’s, its new technology Infrared (a pattern on the interior shows where the pant/jacket retains your body’s heat) is utilized on every piece. Salomon helmets and goggles offer tons of good tech, from the lenses with Carl Zeiss tech to helmets with their unique air bladder micro-fit system (WE GONNA PUMP YOU UP!) Also, GoPro Cameras are at the top of the game right now. We’ve got cameras, SD cards and all the accessories. 
Tell us about The PowderRoom.
   The PowderRoom is designed for our female winter sport enthusiasts who want to look really, really ridiculously good while killing it on-hill. It’s not for getting made up - it’s for making sure you’ve got your gear dialed in so you can give the boys a run for their money. 
Are you bringing the Oakley Goggle Bar back this year?  For those that aren’t familiar, can you give us a quick low-down on what it’s all about?
   The Goggle Bar! It’s so cool. You can come in and build your own unique Oakley goggle - we’ve got all models, from the AirBrake to the Splice. Pick out a lens, outriggers, strap and frame and sit back as we put it together. The AirBrake allows you to switch lenses ridiculously easily (seriously - you can do it on the chairlift) and you can get colorful with the options. You’ll pay a little premium, but you’ve got a goggle that no one else has. We’ve seen red, white and blue (Go Bills/America), black and yellow (for our Pennsylvania family) and total randoms. It’s awesome. 
Music station(s) of choice during business hours?
   Depends! Mainly, we’re down with Johnny Cash Pandora. Who doesn’t love the man in black? 
What’s the one big on-hill event you’re looking forward to this season?
   Well, we’re trying to figure some stuff out and we don’t want to give it away ... that being said, if it works out, that will be the event we’re looking forward to. (Stay tuned!)