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Nature's Remedy

Finding and Maintaining Balance Through the Holidays
The holiday season can create an unsteadiness and inability to remain upright through multiple challenges to our balance. Busyness. Overspending. Grief. Loneliness. Illness. It’s a time of year created to be “Joyful” and “Festive” yet many of us look forward to January 1st as a restart button. Not to go all “Ba-Hum-Bug” on you but…after the presents have been opened, all the sugar has been eaten and Santa has made it back to the North Pole, where is the Joy?
“Balance” seems to be an attribute that I am able to achieve but never maintain. Yet this seems to be the key to balance…putting and keeping something in a steady position so that it does not fall. I am grateful for the steadying folks in my life who help me to “not fall”.  Well…it’s time to pull myself up by my bootstraps!
For those of you usually recover from the holidays, here are 7 areas of life to practice the art of maintaining balance in a simple fashion so that we can help each other experience Truer Joy and create Fun-Loving Memories.* All the products, information and services are available at Nature’s Remedy @ 26 Monroe Street in Ellicottville, NY. 716-699-4372. Or 716-353-0786 for Dr. Kristina.
Deep Breathing with Meditation
   Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth said that the #1 most important thing we should add to our daily lives is deep breathing and being present with our breaths, recognizing our constant shallow breathing.  My personal favorite these days is breathing in deeply for 7 seconds, holding it for 7, slowly releasing it for 7 and holding for another 7 before repeating it 7 times. (ONLY 3.5 minutes and very effective!) I know this sounds like the SNL skit, “Spa Talk”, but our world is full of incredible distractions that create anxiety and unproductiveness. YouTube “Deep Breathing Exercises” to learn more ways of connecting with your breath. Regarding meditation, a recent alternative oncology symposium revealed a study showing that the addition of meditation and prayer had the greatest impact on healing from cancer. YouTube Frank Vogt Meditation for a simple 8.5 minute meditation.
   Product: AnxiousLess...”is a fast-acting, non-drowsy formula helping to relieve the nervousness, worry and tension associated with daily living. Featuring Sceletium tortuosum—a time-honored South African herb—and theanine, thiamine, magnesium & zinc that replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves.” 1-2 capsules/day or as just as needed helps to decrease your anxiety, boost your mood, promote better sleep and reduce fatigue.
   From your grandmother to the Tarahumara in Mexico, everyone knows that moving your body is AWESOME! So why don’t we do it? Or, do it more? Usually lack of energy and busyness. Since busyness can never be an excuse, let’s all take the 15-minute challenge for December-15 minutes of walking, running, hiking or dancing to your favorite music every day. Move your body every time you feel stuck, tired, moody, muddled or lazy. Alone or with a partner. I love this workout: doctoroz.com “Shaun T’s 15-minute Miracle Workout”…CrossFit is the way to go.
   Products: Solstic Energy (B Vitamins and energizing herbs) with Solstic Cardio in 20 ounces of water.
   In my practice and in Nature’s Remedy I see 10 culprits to illness and weight gain: Sugar, Chemical Sweeteners, Processed Foods, Wheat, Too Many Grains, Pasteurized/Homogenized Dairy, Soy, Corn, Peanuts and “UnClean” Animals Foods. Due to improper processing of these foods, added chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics to these foods and genetic modification of these foods we are in a health crisis. Weight Gain. Allergies. Autoimmune Conditions. Mood Swings. Brain Fog. Fatigue. Keeping in simple for now…look at this list and choose your top THREE culprits. Eliminate them. Simply. You WILL feel sooooooooo great!!! As you eliminate 3 things also add one of the following three things: a shake (see recipe below), a fresh juice or a fresh blended smoothie with GREEN VEGGIES being the most important part.
   Products: SHAKE-Love & Peas (one scoop), Nature’s Harvest (one scoop), Ultimate GreenZone (one scoop), Ionic Minerals (1 ounce), Chia Seeds (one teaspoon), Hemp Seeds (1 tablespoon), water or a non-dairy milk (almond, coconut, flax, hemp or brown rice) and frozen berries.
   Supplements as additional foods are meant to “supplement” what is lacking in your diet. Veggies? Fruits? Protein? Good fats? Supplements as medicine direct the healing process. Here we are talking about supplements as additional foods. Spirulina, Bee Pollen, Ultimate GreenZone ,Love & Peas, Nature’s Harvest, Alfalfa, Barley Juice, Herbal Calcium, Capsicum, Curcumin, Dandelion, Kelp, Ginseng, Maca, Nature’s Three (apple, oat and psyllium fiber), Flax Seed Oil, Garlic, Herbal Pumpkin, Black Walnut, Red Raspberry and many more! Phase 1 Example of wholefood/superfood supplementation: Liquid Chlorophyll (made from alfalfa and flavored with spearmint) in water to gently detox the body, the above-mentioned Shake for nutrition, weight loss and energy and Maca for stress, energy and libido.
   I am willing to meet you at Nature’s Remedy for a free 10-15 minute consultation in the store to design a “Phase 1” program for your individual needs. My contact information is below.
$pending Vs $aving $$$
   Believe me, I am not someone who has any authority to dispense financial information but I did some research for myself on how to manage funds through this holiday season so that I am not thrown into a “tizzy” in January. Of course, for some of you this is not a concern but for many others it is a HUGE cause of dis-ease.  Here are the best tips that I found so far: make a realistic list, start early (look for gifts all year round, utilize Black Friday (blackfriday.org), Cyber Monday (cybermonday.com) and the weeks right after Christmas), plan to be done by December 20th or sooner, check out the following websites for great finds: ebay.com, craigslist.com (Buffalo), pricegrabbers.com, dealdash.com, freeshippingday.com, groupon.com and livingsocial.com and finally, creatively thoughtful gifts and cards.
   Bob McCarthy does an amazing job every year with the Irish Christmas gathering! (December 6th @ the Gin Mill) What I love about his idea is that the gifts and the money both go to Ellicottville residents in need of help. If you are interested in giving your gifts, money and ESPECIALLY your time to people needing help in Ellicottville or the surrounding towns please contact me for the connections to these opportunities.
Family, Friends and Neighbors
   House parties are the best…I remember as a kid our parents having shindigs all the time. Laughter, jokes, kids, playing, food, beer and memories! I usually whine that I don’t have time to host parties…yet as I write this article, I did it! I organized a party at my house and I kept it simple. “Bring and drink and an appetizer or dessert to share.” Simple fun. Now I need to go and love a neighbor. The more I talk to people about life the more I realize that what everyone craves in this fast-paced electronic world is real-time human contact.
   Products: Thai Go (antioxidant drink for mixed drinks or DDs)
   Here’s to a fun, happy, healthy and BALANCED 2013 holiday season. I realize that these suggestions are simple but the challenge is in their application. I am trying my best to stay present, awake, mindful, wise and loving this year. Oh yea, and fun! May you laugh a lot and out loud as you build greats memories! Part II coming in January…”How to Deal with Post-Holiday Stress”.
   *These ideas are not meant to be substitutes for proper allopathic care…they are used together with it. This information is NOT intended to “treat”, “cure”, “diagnose” nor be a substitute for the proper diagnostic assessments and treatments prescribed by your doctor. Naturopathic doctors are not PCPs, so always consult with your doctor for your health care needs. This article is only intended for your information, at your discretion and supplementing your allopathic care.