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HoliMont Timeline

From Opening Day on Dec. 14th Forward ... View HoliMont Happenings Here
Snowmaking in November 2013 at HoliMont

HoliMont Ski Area officially opened for the 2013-14 ski season on Saturday, December 14th; eleven days earlier than last year’s Christmas Day opening. Since then, the Village of Ellicottville has 1) been buried in beautiful lake effect snow, 2) seen an increase in temperature that all but wiped out the natural snowfall, and then 3) witnessed a Christmas comeback as winter returned just in time to blanket the slopes with enough snow to give the area the winter look that we here at HoliMont love so much.

Overall, it’s been a very nice start to the season and it’s already provided us with some great moments. Enjoy!


For over 50 years, families and snowsports enthusiasts from miles around have converged on HoliMont, North America’s largest private ski area devoted to family skiing adventures. Generations of members have been drawn in by the amazing skiing, only to fall in love with the warm, community atmosphere that makes HoliMont the kind of place you never want to leave. During the week, HoliMont is happy to welcome the public and groups. Our eight lifts service over 50 slopes and trails. Head to www.HoliMont.com.