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Ski season is nearing an end but it's nowhere close to being done


March means a lot of things here in Ellicottville. It means the ski season is nearing an end but that it’s nowhere close to being done. Last year, if you will recall, we got close to a foot of powder on March 20. Obviously we’re hoping for a repeat of that this year.

Will it happen? Who knows? But we can always hope! March and April still offer plenty of top notch skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

Historically speaking, once the 1st of March hits, you have about 44 days (give or take) remaining in the season. It seems like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not. Before you know it, May will be here and you’ll be lamenting over the times you thought about hitting the slopes but just put it off because there was still plenty of time left in the season. Do yourself a favor and don’t let that happen to you. That said, we hope to see you here throughout March and into April.

Enjoy the rest of your ski season!


The 33rd Annual Contractor’s Day took place at HoliMont on January 31 and it was a tremendous success. With over 750 people in attendance, not only is this yearly event a
fantastic networking opportunity, but it is also a great chance for businesses to get their employees out of the office and onto the slopes for some good clean fun.


After an unfortunate 2 season hiatus, the halfpipe has returned to HoliMont and it is better than ever. The Mountain Crew and Park Crew teamed up February 3-7 and constructed a very nice 300 foot long pipe. Watching all of the hard work and precision that goes in to
building the pipe is an eye-opening experience.


Six teams participated in our “Rise to the Challenge” race including: The Milton Ontario
Special Olympics Team, The Mississauga Dream Team, Buffalo Ski Club Adaptive Program, Swain Ski Area Shared Adventures, and HoliMont’s Phoenix Program. The 52 happy skiers
all received medals and certificates at the awards ceremony in the main chalet.
This year’s race was again, the highlight of the Phoenix Adaptive Program, which is made up
of athletes from the U.S. and Canada.

The race brings out the best of the racers’ abilities in adaptive skiing.


Instagram is a quick, easy, and fun way to spread the word about what is going on at HoliMont. Throughout the season we’ve had a good amount of people use the #holimont2014 to show us their side of HoliMont.

Recently our Lift Crew took on the task of building snow sculptures at the bottom of each lift terminal. Here are a couple fan favorites.


February 7 was Men’s Day at HoliMont ... a time honored tradition where the guys of  HoliMont invite their buddies down for a day of skiing/snowboarding, food and drinks, games, giveaways and plenty more throughout the course of the day. Additionally, Men’s Day makes for a good excuse for the guys to start the weekend in Ellicottville just a little bit earlier
than normal. And as we all know, during the winter there is nothing wrong with that!


Recently some HoliMont Members decided to bring their love of the Olympic games into the Chalet for lunch. We’re not sure what they ended up eating but they definitely took the gold for originality and passion.


March 7 is TeleFest at HoliMont. Price for the event is $100 ($50 for Passholders). For that you get: an all-day lift ticket, event t-shirt, clinics for raw beginners to seasoned experts, vendor displays, demos, Tele Race and a chance at some really great raffle prizes!

Limited TeleMark package rentals are available.

Call HoliMont SnowSports at 716-699-8159 to register.


After a successful debut at HoliMont last season, the AcroBag Tour will be making its way back to HoliMont at the end of March. Stay tuned to holimont.com for more information on what days the bag will be up and running, prices, and any other necessary information. A new addition to the Tour this year will be a tubing bag jump.

For over 50 years, families and snowsports enthusiasts from miles around have converged on HoliMont, North America’s largest private ski area devoted to family skiing adventures. Generations of members have been drawn in by the amazing skiing, only to fall in love with the warm, community atmosphere that makes HoliMont the kind of place you never want to leave. During the week, HoliMont is happy to welcome the public and groups. Our eight lifts service over 50 slopes and trails. Head to www.HoliMont.com.