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The Source: The Boardroom

"30 Years of Innovation, Not Imitation"
6113 Route 219
One-on-One with:
CMO/Future Co-Owner
Director of High 5s
Your specialties ... GO.
   Where to begin! This is our 30th year in business - we’ve come a long way since Barnyard Ski Rental in ’84 (interviewee’s note: I had not been born yet) - and what a ride it’s been. We absolutely love what we do. Iron Mike and Jodie (my mom and dad, and quite possibly the greatest people on the planet) have constantly innovated the store to keep up with the ever-evolving snowboard/snowsports market. As WNY’s premier snowboard shop, we carry the industry’s best brands and complement them with awesome customer service. There’s a full-service shop in the back (tune-ups, quick fixes, etc.), a huge rental fleet (including high-performance ski and snowboard options), tons of parking and the only off-site location to buy Holiday Valley lift tickets. Oftentimes, we strive to go above and beyond to give you that next-level, in-store experience. We’ve got beagles and popcorn! And we wouldn’t be where we’re at without the sterling support of our loyal customers, and for that, we are so grateful.
   I’m really adamant about continual innovation with our digital media, which is why I’ve developed a digital catalogue for our website and expanded our social media into Snapchat. The digital catalogue has one purpose - if you’re living in Ontario or Michigan or Pennsylvania, etc. and can’t get to us, I want to be able to give you that in-store experience via FaceTime, Skype or a phone call. If you want something we’ve got, don’t hesitate to reach out!
You’ve got a couple brands being added to the shop’s line-up this season, including Burton and Arbor Snowboards.  Indulge …
   After a brief hiatus, we are SO excited to have Burton Snowboards back in the shop. They put a ton of time, effort and money into perpetually being the industry’s leader in hardgoods, softgoods and brand recognition. Not to mention, they are snowboarding’s global brand - the Big B is a dominant force - so with that comes many advantages.
   Arbor is a newcomer for us, but we’re stoked. Our rep, Timmy McKenzie, is one of the raddest dudes alive. Arbor Snowboards ride well and are very aesthetically appealing. It adds an entirely new dynamic to our snowboard selection.
Can you name of a few of the existing brands you carry, and more specifically a couple products by those brands that you’re super stoked to get out on shelves?
   Lib Tech, Gnu and Roxy (Mervin Manufacturing) are our flagship snowboard brands, and for good reason. They are hand-built in the USA, have the world’s (and potentially, of all time) best snowboarder on their team - Travis Rice - and changed the snowboard industry forever with their patented Banana and Magne Traction technology. More specifically, this year they introduced the Travis Rice Goldmember, which is built with Firepower technology (it weighs about 5 lbs.). Nike and Salomon continue to bring the heat with the best-fitting boots in the industry, many built with Boa Technology.
   Samantha (my sister, and our softgoods buyer/visual merchandizer/all-around boss) is really excited about all of the clothing we’ve brought in, including Dry.Q Elite from Mountain Hardwear - super innovative insulation and waterproofing. An ample Gore-Tex selection (across all brands) between jackets, pants and gloves will keep you dry in any condition.
What’s exciting and new with the Oakley Goggle Bar?
   The Goggle Bar is firing on all cylinders for the season. We’ve really expanded our goggle selection - Oakley, Smith, Giro, Salomon and Anon - bringing you unparalleled vision on the hill. The Goggle Bar allows you to build your own Oakley Goggle, which is so strong. However, we want to let everyone know about some really cool new things. First, from Oakley, the PRIZM lens. It takes vision to an entirely new level (I used them last year at the on-snow demo at Stratton, and it’s the best lens I’ve ever looked through.) They’ve got a new goggle coming out called the Flight Deck (frameless). What we really want to focus on is quick-change lens tech, and we’ve got the industry’s very best (Oakley, Smith and Anon).
   We’ll be getting AirWaves and Recons (the Oakley/Smith goggles with Recon Head’s Up Display) which, this year, lets you link your GoPro Camera (also available at The Boardroom) to the HUD in the goggle. Yeah. It’s pretty awesome.
You’re also introducing seasonal snowboard rentals for kids this year.  Props for embracing the young ones.  Can you give us some details? 
   Bringing in Burton (whose junior program is awesome) has allowed us to revisit our seasonal snowboard rental program. We’ve got really limited supplies, so if you want to get your young shredder on some stuff, we recommend getting in here! It’s all brand-new gear, and we’re running stuff for both little dudes and girls. Perfect for getting your little person into the sport and onto the snow.  Snd complementing HV’s Burton Riglet Park, this is something we’re really excited about. We’re limiting this to kids 12 and under (by the time teenage years hit, most times we can get them into something they’ll have for a couple years).
Tell us about The PowderRoom ...
   The PowderRoom is our ladies (and little girls) specific room. If you’re a female, come into the shop and turn left. Everything you need is in there - clothing, first layer, snowboards, boots, bindings, socks, hats - and Samantha and Jodie are constantly rearranging to keep it fresh. We redid it this year so hardwoods are on the wood grain slatwall - right in the middle. We’re really amped on our ladies snowboard selection. Jamie Anderson won gold in Sochi on the Gnu Ladies’ Choice (we’ve got it) and boots from Salomon and Nike couple fashion with function.
Tell us about Shamus and Chief ...
   Shamus and Chief are The Boardroom’s mascots. They are also prima donnas. Beagles are known to be rather stubborn, and these two are the definition of that. Look for them when you come into the store. They’ll either be sleeping, sleeping or waiting for you to drop that popcorn you’re eating. But they are adorable and very friendly, and the little ones love them.
We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  What’s the hot spot of choice for The Boardroom crew?
   Katy’s! Her food is heavenly. The Good Morning Bagel erases everything you feel from the previous night’s … activities. And we also always have a fresh pot of coffee on!