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Energize Your Fatigue

Causes | Explanations | Signs/Symptoms | Solutions
Tiredness. Weariness. Sleepiness. Drowsiness. Exhaustion. Languor. Lethargy. Torpor. Prostration. Enervation. Sluggishness. Inertia. Inactivity. Inaction. Slowness. Lifelessness. Listlessness. Laziness. Idleness. Indolence. Shiftlessness. Sloth. Apathy. Passivity. Lassitude.
Vitality. Vigor. Life. Liveliness. Animation. Vivacity. Spiritedness. Verve. Enthusiasm. Zest. Vibrancy. Spark. Sparkle. Effervescence. Ebullience. Exuberance. Buoyancy. Sprightliness. Strength. Stamina. Forcefulness. Power. Dynamism. Drive. Fire. Passion. Ardor. Zeal. Zip. Zing. Pep. Pizzazz. Punch. Bounce. Oomph. Moxie. Mojo. Get-up-and-go. Vigor. Feistiness.
CLEARLY, We all desire to be FULL of Pizzazz, Mojo and Fire! No one wants to be Inert, Lifeless or Weary. Here are three ways to Zip your Energy so it pulls you forward in life and to Inactivate the Fatigue that drags you down.
For further information about these suggestions or to set up a personal consultation with Kristina, please call/text 716-353-0786 or email drbarlow@naturopathicpartners.com.
Where are the toxins coming from? Air. Water. Foods-Pesticides, Fertilizers, Hormones and Antibiotics. Clothes. Personal Care Products. Cleaning Products. Home and Work Environments. Medications. Cigarettes. Alcohol.
What are these toxins? Heavy Metals. Thousands of Various Chemicals. Viruses. Bacteria. Yeast. Fungi. Parasites. Mold.
How do these toxins affect us? Accumulation of the many types of toxins, over time, will affect all the cells of the body causing each cell to be ineffective in it’s various life functions. The overall effect seen in our lives is fatigue, robbing us of LIFE. A great overall detoxification program will focus on the large and small intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphathic system and blood as these are the routes of cellular detoxification.
Signs & Symptoms
Fatigue. Weight Gain. Food Cravings. Addictions. Irritability. Mood Swings. General Malaise. Difficulty Sleeping. Chronic Infections. Joint/Muscle Pain. Infertility. Obesity. Blood Sugar Issues and Digestion/Elimination problems-constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating or cramping. Other Indications for cleansing: Heart Disease. Cancer. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases … our leading causes of death in the US.
Solutions (For One Month) for Cleansing
1. CleanStart. Start and end your day with a fiber drink and 3 capsules as an effective way to cleanse your intestines and begin to gently cleanse the cells.  This combination of herbs with the psyllium fiber increases energy, improves sleep and promotes weight loss.
2. Juice and/or Blend, especially for the benefit of GREEN vegetables! Add Love and Peas (pea protein), Nature’s Harvest (pea protein with greens), Ultimate GreenZone (greens) or Liquid Chlorophyll.
3. Eliminate all processed foods (especially sugar!), all wheat and all dairy … it’s only a month!
Overfed, Undernourished and Extremely Sick. This is how U.S. citizens are described. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross proves that eliminating toxic “foods,” cleansing the body with fruits and vegetables and replenishing lost nutrients CHANGES a person’s energy levels, health status, sleep patterns and moods. Proper nutrition includes healthy macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates in addition to micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics.
Signs & Symptoms
Fatigue. Anxiety. Depression. Irritability. Weakness.  Headaches.
1. Create a Habit of Health for 30 days: Super Trio (antioxidants, vitamins & minerals and essential fatty acids), Probiotic 11, Food Enzymes, LOCLO (whole food fiber) and Love and Peas (a pea protein powder). Try this for 30 days and see how you feel. Of course, the goal is to get a majority of our nutrients from whole foods but when we are depleted and trying to change our lifestyle, then supplementation is an awesome way to start!
2. Add a delicious smoothie to your day, preferably for breakfast. Two scoops of Love and Peas, almond or coconut or flax milk, and frozen berries topped with chia and hemp seeds. Power packed nutrition and extremely satisfying.
3. Follow the 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo. Sugar is a huge contributor of malnutrition because it robs our bodies of nutrients, creates inflammation and does not contribute anything to health and healing.
Adrenal fatigue occurs when the activity of the adrenal glands (glands that respond to stress) is so diminished that fatigue sets in, metabolism decreases, fluids and electrolytes become imbalanced and libido diminishes. Even your body shape can change as stress fatigues the adrenals. Low thyroid function is becoming more and more common. The dysfunction is occurring either at the thyroid, with low production of T4, or at the cells, low conversion of T4 to the active T3.
Signs & Symptoms
Adrenal Fatigue-Abdominal Weight Gain. Muddled Thinking. Nervousness. Low Libido. Fatigue not Relieved by Sleep. Swollen Ankles. Weak Muscles. Restlessness. Cold. Low Blood Pressure. Paralyzed Under Stress. Natural Wake Up Time is 10 a.m. Respiratory Problems. Fibromyalgia. PMS. Craving for Stimulants. Moodliness.
Hypothyroidism-Fatigue. Cold Intolerance. Weight Gain. Dry Skin. Brittle Nails. Hair Loss. Headaches. Low Immune System. Infertility. Heart Palpitations. Poor Eyebrow Growth. Poor Memory and others similar to above.
1. General Adrenal Support: Adaptamax (herbs that help the adrenals glands to adapt to stress), NutriCalm (B vitamins which are needed as cofactors for the adrenals yet are often deficient in many people) and Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid from whole food sources).
2. General Thyroid Support: Kelp (concentrated source of iodine needed for the production of T4 from the thyroid and very deficient in Western diets), Selenium (also deficient in the U.S. and needed to help convert T4 to T3) and Milk Thistle (to support the liver which will help the body convert T4 to T3).
3. Support Balanced Reproductive Hormones including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and pregnenolone. In addition, great liver support for proper conversion and metabolism of hormones in the body. (Refer to Kristina for a safe and great protocol on Detoxing the Liver!)