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Meet Your 'SNOW'Maker

HoliMont crew member JC McAuley
This month SNOWED-IN is getting personal with HoliMont crew member JC McAuley, seasoned snowmaker / terrain park manager. When JC is not firing up the guns on subzero nights, you might find him around town at his #1 Ellicottville hot spot or crushing some pow on his favorite HoliMont trails …
NICOLE: When did you begin your career at HoliMont?”
JC: In the fall of 2001 I had just left a job and a friend that was working at HoliMont said there was an opening and that I should look into it.  I got hired in the general maintenance department and have worked my way up from there.  Eventually, HoliMont needed someone to manage the terrain parks …
NICOLE: Wow!  Thirteen years that’s incredible! You certainly spend a lot of time in Ellicottville during the season, but where do you call home?
JC: I’m from Franklinville originally and now reside in Salamanca with my family.
NICOLE: Ski or snowboard?
JC: I primarily ski.  I can make it down the hill on a board but it doesn’t look pretty.
NICOLE: Fair enough. OK let’s play weather forecaster … your thoughts on the Polar Vortex? Do you think this winter will be a reflection of last year?
JC: Winter is winter in my mind.  Polar Vortex is basically a fancy marketing term.  I do think we’ll have another cold winter though.  It’s what I hope for!
NICOLE: What fuels you to do your job?  What makes you want to get up day after day during the season in the bitter cold?
JC: There are a lot of things.  I work with a great group of guys and I get a nice sense of freedom working outside.  Once we get the park up, I really enjoy watching the kids session the features that we put in … seeing them having fun makes it all worth it!
NICOLE: What can we look forward to this year in terms of snowmaking or the parks; is there anything new and exciting that you can let us in on?
JC: Nothing new but it’s always exciting in the park!
NICOLE: I bet it is! What are the expectations of you and your crew this season?
JC: We’re focused on keeping our reputation that we’ve established over the years that HoliMont has a fun (and safe) terrain park.
NICOLE: What activities do you enjoy off the clock?
JC: I enjoy sledding with my kids … when there is time.  I really enjoy going to my kid’s basketball games, which seems to take up a lot more time these days.  
1) Favorite sports teams: Cleveland Browns and Boston Red Sox
2) Favorite spot in town to grab a bite: Tim and Bonnie’s
3) Favorite drink: I do enjoy a Guinness from time to time 
4) Favorite run at HoliMont: It’s a long combination.  Punch Bowl to Highland Fling, to Lower Goat Path, to Irish Whisky, to Rim Run, to Wild Turkey to the bottom of Plum lift. So many turns, so much fun!
5) If you had three wishes: unlimited park budget, world peace, and to see the Browns win the Super Bowl