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Best of Both Worlds

Product spotlights at Dekdebruns Ski & Snowboard
When traveling into Ellicottville, everyone has their ‘go to’ shop for specialty products or for their ski and snowboard needs.  Visitors easily gravitate towards one of the many great family owned and operated shops here in the village.  This month, SNOWED-IN made a visit to Dekdebruns Ski & Snowboard, located right on the main drag in the heart of EVL (or 18 Washington Street for your GPS).  Like many shops, they are chock full of some of the best brands with service to match, so read on to find out more of what’s new and exciting with them this season.
First, let’s drop in on what’s new and exciting on the snowboard side of the sales floor at Dekdebruns.  Often known as home base for many of the competitive riders in the area, the shop boasts an array of brands, including outerwear from O’Neill, Billabong, Picture Clothing, and 686. They also feature an array of hardgoods (boards, boots, bindings) from Capita, Flow, Ride, Now Bindings, and Jones Snowboards.  One of the most exciting new additions to their stable this year is a long-time heavy hitter in the snowboard realm - none other than Rome Snowboards.  
Rome Snowboards (often referred to as Rome SDS - Snowboard Design Syndicate) was formed in late 2001 by two former Burton employees, Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz.  Troubled by where they felt snowboarding was headed in terms of product offerings and marketing, they decided to take matters into their own hands.  Through the years, Rome has maintained their brand image of being ‘counter culture’ while holding strong in the upper tier of market share in terms of hardwoods sales.  Jay Mowrey, long-time manager of Dekdebruns, was ecstatic to add the brand to their line-up in order to provide a missing piece to the puzzle in terms of brands offered here in Ellicottville.  With reputable models like the Anthem, Agent and Graft, there was no shortage of heavy hitting items for Mowrey to bring in.  Among his favorites this year is the Rome Mountain Division, which features ‘Bambooster’ (a strip of bamboo applied to the construction process which enhances pop).  Rome also has a great boot program, with Mowrey picking the Folsom boot as the leading favorite; it features a dual focus BOA (retractable cable lacing), as well as an all new liner dubbed ‘elite fit’.  Rome also offers a wide array of accessories, boots, outerwear and bags, all of which you can browse on the retail floor at Dekdebruns.
On the ski side of the fence, Dekdebruns truly offers one of the most unique items in snowsports, not just in Ellicottville, but in the industry as a whole.  If you’ve never heard of them before, you need to do yourself a favor and check out the Apex Boot system.  Formed by Denny Hanson (a la Hanson Industries of the 70’s for you ski historians out there), the Apex Boot system was forged from a focus on innovative design, comfort, and production efficiency.  Launched in 2008, the Apex boot intrigued many by offering skiers the best of both the performance in the alpine ski world, and the comfort and warmth found in the snowboard realm.  Confused?  Read on …
Apex is the first ski boot designed and built to take advantage of the modern shaped ski, developed through Hanson’s experience with snowboard boots and other technical footwear. Through the course of development, he applied an array of new technology and ideas to ski boots, like high-modulus, lightweight carbon fiber, separate cuff controls, and unique A-Flex suspension into a component system boot.  In laymen terms - think of a snowboard boot, with a rigid exoskeleton, or chassis, which includes adjustable buckles that you’re used to seeing on a ski boot.  You see?  The best of both worlds.  The staff picks at Dekdebruns (as well as their best sellers) are that of the MC-2 for men, and the ML-2 for ladies, which won a SKI Magazine Gold Medal in 2014 for its performance.  Both of these boots feature an EVA heat moldable liner, BOA Focus closure system with dual zone adjustments, as well as ‘Open Chassis’ design, which can handle even the most aggressive skier.  You’ll want to check these boots out, they just may make you rethink your boot choice the next time you’re up on ski footwear.
As you can see, there is plenty to be excited about product-wise at Dekdebruns.  You work hard all week, so when the weekend comes and it’s time to head out on the snow, make sure you have the best of the best for your on-hill experience.  To schedule your next boot fitting, inquire about tuning services, or to just check in and see ‘what’s up’ at Dekdebruns, give them a call at 716-699-2754, or give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook to see day-to-day product features and promotions at the shop!  Dekdebruns is open seven days a week.