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4 Habits of Health to support your 2015 intentions
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love January 1st … skiing is in full swing, this beautiful village is buzzing with winter excitement, and the best part: we receive a “clean slate”!  This is the time for building new memories, recharging, reflecting, dreaming and LIVING. Transforming information, dreams and ideas into action is inspiring because the journey one takes toward that destination requires commitment and perseverance. Louis Zamperini’s (real-life hero of Unbroken) resiliency along the journey is inspiring millions. We can inspire the world, too.
What is really important to you this year?  Once you are clear about your answer and have allowed it to completely settle in, how are you going to experience the journey toward these dreams? Feedback from many of my clients and friends summed up 2014 as a year of changing, weeding, organizing, financial planning, researching and overloading on information. While these things are necessary, they can also lead to analysis paralysis. Half of my clients report “feeling stuck” - wanting to adjust their lifestyles in order to feel better but finding it difficult to initiate or maintain those changes.
Let’s visualize 2015 as a year of doing, living and going for it! The Universal Law of reaping what you sow proves itself true over and over again. Although life throws many other factors into this equation, treating ourselves with love and respect will yield healing and health to our bodies. Explore the following 4 Habits of Health as a means to reaching your destination … those things that are most important to you. As we sow new ways of living, we WILL enjoy the fullness of our lives and the strength to be all that we can be for others. Have a phenomenal 2015!
All the experts of various lifestyle diets are claiming the same core recommendations: The elimination of sugar, all processed foods (factory made food-like substances are not foods), caffeine and wheat.  The moderation of animal proteins (or elimination in the case of veganism) and grains (or elimination in the case Paleo). And the addition of organic produce, “clean” animal proteins, significantly more plant-based foods, more water, functional drinks (kombucha, coconut water, chia seed combos), superfoods (kale, cacao, spirulina, Maca) and whole food, home-cooked meals.
Whether your food bible becomes Practical Paleo or Crazy, Sexy Diet (vegan) or The Virgin Diet (food intolerance elimination) or The Eat-Clean Diet or Eat Right for Your Blood Type or The Daniel Plan, it is time to go back to the farm and eat from the ground and the barn. It’s time to get back into the kitchen and have fun! Rally your significant other, your kids and your friends, reallocate and invest money into the desired equipment and better foods, implement this kitchen makeover video (The Virgin Diet Kitchen Makeover-Amazon) and rearrange your time to make this a priority. The resources (great recipe books, YouTube, Pinterest, Google and your friends) are endless! This one habit will have the greatest return for your investment … for generations to come!
Measure a gallon of clean water in a glass container and use for your shakes, herbal teas and water consumption in one day. Add lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, watermelon, Liquid Chlorophyll (from Mulberry leaves and flavored with Spearmint), Solstic powdered drinks (excellent tasting, clean and functional mixes called Energy, Cardio, Revive, 24, Immune and Stixated). Observe how you feel after one month!
My 2014 InForm natural health weight loss class yielded great results for participants - from improved sleep, increased energy, better moods and decreased inflammation to weight loss and hope for healing. The greatest challenge was motivating them to exercise. Through all the excuses, perhaps the greatest obstacle is the resistance we create to the pain and discomfort the body feels when starting to exercise or needing to take your fitness to the next level. Here are 50 reasons to exercise, but there is NO WAY around the fact that this part of your life requires mental toughness skills. Someone who is mentally tough is someone who is simply consistent! Anyone can be radical for a day; few can be consistent for an era.
Through a Ted Talk called “Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others,” Emily Balcetis (YouTube video) explains that the motivation for fitness consistency is to create goals that have a prize at the end and to keep your eyes on the prize every day. Studies showed that when participants kept their eyes on the prize, they stayed motivated and consistent to achieve their goals.
How do you streamline your supplements to experience effectiveness and affordability? I believe supplementation is extremely necessary today because our soil is depleted of vital minerals, many nutrients are utilized in toxic or diseased states, and we are not eating the right foods in the right amounts (especially plant-based foods). Quality is a #1 priority as it is actually better to NOT take supplements if they are not high quality or from whole foods and plants. But we also don’t need everything Dr. Oz recommends nor every supplement we see in a health store.
If you are new to supplementation, you can follow a core program consisting of whole food vitamins (Super Supplemental) and minerals (Ionic Minerals), antioxidants (Super ORAC), essential fatty acids (Super Omega), probiotics (Probiotic 11), enzymes (Food Enzymes), fiber (LOCLO) and quality protein (Love & Peas).  If you use supplements but are not experiencing healing and accelerating health, please call or email me for a 20 minute, 1 hour or full naturopathic consultation to best meet your health needs. *At Nature’s Remedy we use Nature’s Sunshine Products for high quality and reasonable prices. Ask about our free online membership for better discounts.