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A Match Made in Manhattan

EVL Snowed-In's Menu Pick of the Month
In our 20-year existence of food and beverage in Ellicottville, EBC has seen a lot of food and beer styles come and go. Our newest menu is infused with a wide array of influences from around the world.  With that said, let’s change course from our regular recipe spotlight, and instead get into a little explanation / biography of one of our most prestigious menu items: the Manhattan Strip Steak, and its undisputed Imperial partner, the Chocolate Cherry Bomb.
The Manhattan Steak is a special cut from the Strip Loin that may not be the most noticeable to the untrained eye. It’s an incredibly tender cut with an almost arrogant and robust look to it.  It is a great choice when you are looking for a steak you can dig into with gusto.  EBC only brings in Manhattan steaks that have been graded Prime or better, garnering a remarkably juicy experience for the diner who obviously has a great reputation for good taste.
With an already wonderful piece of American beef, it doesn’t take much effort to round out this dish … the steak is Paramount.  We add a nice cilantro/pecan pesto to accentuate the steak, and we plate it with a unique vegetable offering of fresh ripe sliced avocado.  
Ahem … back to the steak.  We utilize a 14-ounce certified Black Angus Prime steak, trimmed and measured perfectly.  Then comes the “big meat seasoning method.”  Let me explain.  Whenever you have any kind of meat that is bigger than 10 ounces, you will want to season it so much that it almost feels as if you are overdoing it; you want to physically see the seasoning on all sides of the steak.
Cooking this monster is an endeavor in itself.  It isn’t a 2-minute-on-each-side kind of protein.  We are talking full blown heat sources from every direction to get it cooked to a perfect medium in just under 25 minutes.  The process is beautiful; the end product is a masterpiece.  (There are certain things that we do as chefs where our skills and passion collide into an artistic and wonderful creation that needs to be shared … the Manhattan steak is one of those things.)
Wash down this beast of a feast with our newly released Chocolate Cherry Bomb. One of my all-time favorite creations from EBC Beer Meister Dan Minner, this concoction almost personifies the feelings of late December and the beginning months of the year.  Boasting an ABV of 8.2% is fun and delightful, but just one or two of these bad boys of the Imperial beer world is surely enough. Arriving right in time for Valentine’s Day, this robust and malty Imperial Stout demonstrates a refined and balanced flavor. Chocolate Cherry Bomb pours dark and yields a thick, creamy, tan head. Brewed with chocolate malt, sumptuous dark Oregon sweet cherries, and love, this beer is a fantastic accompaniment to our steak.
Stop on down to EBC after a long day on the ski trails and indulge in our newest steak creation and our finest quality seasonal stout. Until next time folks, have fun and be safe when out and about in Ellicottville.