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No Boxes. No Rails.

Just All Natural Snow Features
Red Bull never ceases to bring creativity to its events, and the newest one coming to Holiday Valley on Feb. 21 excels in that department. All Snow will challenge snowboarders and skiers to bring their best on nothing but all-natural snow features - hips, quarterpipes, etc. 
In years past, Red Bull has consistently brought awesome events to the slopes of HV, whether it was Rhythm Section or Buttercup. Getting kids to participate has never been an issue, as Red Bull is a global name with an unbelievable marketing team (not to mention some pretty excellent product). 
All Snow, which is set to take place at the base of Mardi Gras (in the rail park), will make participants get technical - tweaks, butters, spins and handplants are just some of the things you should expect to see. 
“We’re going to make it unique from the other resorts participating,” said Mike Nenno, Holiday Valley’s Terrain Parks/Events Manager. “Red Bull sent us a general layout that we’re going to follow, but there will be some features that we’ll incorporate as signature features.” 
The placement at the bottom of Mardi Gras makes a ton of sense. It’s the one place where there’s easy, accessible exposure to the Main Lodge and people walking from Tamarack or The Inn. Also, it’s an easy run to hike - All Snow will be a jam format (kids will take as many runs as they’d like within the allotted time frame). 
There are four stops to the All Snow Tour: Mountain Creek, NJ; Holiday Valley; Loon Mountain, NH; and Mount Snow, VT. 
“Registration will take place the day of the event,” Nenno said. “Helmets will be required, and we’re looking for 150 participants - 75 skiers, 75 snowboarders. We’ll pick some local riders to be the judges.” 
For more information on All Snow, head to www.redbull.com/allsnow or check out @RedBullUNY on Instagram/Twitter, @holidayvalley or www.holidayvalley.com.