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Telestock 2015

Let the Crew at The City Garage Show You at Good Time
If you live in or frequently visit Ellicottville and its ski areas, you’re well aware by now of how many activities there are to do on any given weekday or weekend throughout the winter.  Whether it’s simply a mellow day on the slopes skiing or snowboarding, or attending one of the many high-character signature events on-hill, in the lodges or downtown, there truly is something for everyone.  What if we told you there was one event, however, that you may not have checked out or heard of yet? 
Welcome to Telestock, proudly put on by the crew from The City Garage, this year taking place Friday, Feb. 27 on the Champagne Sundeck adjacent to the Yodeler Lodge at Holiday Valley Resort.  Never heard of it, or simply want to know more?  Read on for all the details of one of the most fun events you’ll attend all season.
‘Telestock’ as it has come to be named, took root over ten years ago as a way to showcase an alternative snowsport - telemark skiing - to the ski community here in Ellicottville.  Trey Clauss of The City Garage fondly remembers its beginnings as yet another excuse “to be weird” as he puts it, and show people an all new way to enjoy the slopes.  Telemark skiing is different you see, in that your heel is not fixed to the ski, similar to the way a cross-country ski binding functions.  Through the process of turning, the skier’s legs are flexed and extended, creating a fluid motion that allows one to traverse the slopes in a non-traditional alpine fashion.  Trey went on to say that part of the focus of Telestock is to convert people who are merely intrigued by telemark skiing, into “registered sickos,” who take on the mountain in a new way.
If you’ve never been to Telestock, here’s what you can expect: Arrive in the A.M., and the CG crew will be on the Champagne Sundeck with a wide assortment of telemark gear, including skis from K2, boots from Scarpa and Black Diamond, as well as 22 Designs bindings.  Once you’re set up, it’s time to hit the slopes.  You’ll notice upon arriving there are a whole slew of enthusiasts (and dare we say, they are quite the cast of characters) all who can’t wait to show you this exciting, alternative way to enjoy the mountain.  Adding to the character of the event is the crew’s creative ability to come up with a different theme each year.  In the past, it’s been everything from tie-dye, local celebrities, ‘free your heel, free your mind,’ and last year’s theme of Carhart cowboys.  This year they’re taking it back to the event’s roots, with the return of tie-die.  Not to worry if you don’t come prepared, these guys are more concerned with fostering the stoke of all things weird and free heeled.  An added bonus: they’re also avid grill masters, serving up sausages galore, washed down with ice cold freedom sodas (Pabst Blue Ribbon). 
For more information on Telestock, give the gang at The City Garage a call at 716-699-2054, or better yet, stop in at 5 Monroe Street and check out the wide array of telemark equipment they have in stock.  Having carried the equipment since day one, they’re not only passionate about the product, but also about the lifestyle surrounding it.  You can also follow them on Instagram @thecitygarage, or ‘Like’ them on Facebook to see photos from this year’s edition of Telestock.