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7 Ways to Optimize Your Skiing Experience

Heat up your internal fire with Nature's Remedy


Both Farmer’s Almanacs are predicting an even colder ski season than the past two winters here in WNY!  So … in addition to buying warmer ski gear, turn up the heat in your internal furnace with Botanical Medicine. Herbs, categorized according to their medicinal properties, can have warming effects on the body.

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic is a liquid combination of Chinese herbs offering 70 trace minerals in a colloidal form. It was designed to balance blood, chi and all five of the Chinese elements. It helps the adrenal glands to function optimally and is great for fatigue, chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders. Take one ounce 1-2 times/day. This tonic is EXCELLENT for increasing energy and warming the body. Stop into Nature’s Remedy and Buy a Shot for $1.50.

Capsicum AKA chili peppers, green peppers, red peppers, bell peppers or paprika is native to the Americas. Capsicum increases circulation to every area of the body that it contacts both internally and externally. It also strengthens the heartbeat, helps digestion and improves overall health. Capsicum is considered a “cure-all” herb and is GREAT for the winter months by warming the body, preventing infections and increasing the body’s vital force. Take 2 capsules with food as needed. One capsule can also be opened and emptied into the mouth every hour. Add one capsule to water for a gargle-and-swallow solution used for sore throats. Capsicum can also be sprinkled onto cuts and wounds to stop bleeding or added to gloves and socks for the prevention of frostbite (in small amounts). Sold in capsule and bulk forms.

Ginger is great for stimulation of digestive enzymes, nausea, vomiting, flu, colds and chills. In herbal combinations, Ginger helps to transport other ingredients to the abdominal and pelvic areas. Take two capsules as needed to keep the body warmed up while also preventing winter colds and flu infections.  Ginger is also great as a tea.



CranioSacral Therapy has its roots in osteopathic medicine since the early 1900’s. The craniosacral rhythm, or the Breath of Life, can be sensed through this light touch therapy. As the energy from the practitioner’s hands interacts with the energy in the body, connective tissue is relaxed allowing energy to flow freely and releasing restrictions to the body’s extraordinary healing powers. Excellent for spinal cord injuries, car accidents, injuries, anxiety, stress and many more diseases. This therapy is combined with Authentic Touch (Essential Oils applied to the spine and brain stem) and takes one hour. Mention this article and receive $25 OFF!

Arnica 200C is a homeopathic remedy for pain, inflammation and bruising. Upon initial injury, take one dose every 15 minutes. Then take only as needed. Personally, my greatest results with this remedy were seen when I sprained my ankle last year. I took one dose every 15 minutes for one day followed by one dose every hour for another day and experienced 90% decrease in pain, inflammation and bruising. Arnica is effective and safe to take for any age and with other pain medications.

Curcumin BP is a formula that combines the extract of curcumin (a pigment from the Indian spice, turmeric) with black pepper that aids the effectiveness of curcumin. Each capsule contains 550mg of turmeric extract that is 95% curcuminoids. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory for injuries and arthritis as well as a support for liver detoxification and digestive disorders (including heartburn, gastritis, dyspepsia, ulcers and gallstones). It is also a powerful antioxidant and has a positive action on the brain and nervous system. For pain and inflammation, take 2 capsules as needed. It is better absorbed when taken with omega 3 essential fatty acids.



Liquid Chlorophyll is derived from alfalfa and flavored with natural spearmint. One ounce added to water daily will increase energy, prevent and treat hangovers, improve oxygen uptake in the blood, build and cleanse the blood, gently detoxify the body and reduce body odors. Added to Vitamin C, it offers a great pick-me-up for fatigue.



Solstic Energy + Solstic Cardio are powders that are added to water for alternative and healthy energy drinks. Solstic Energy contains B vitamins, guarana (a natural source of caffeine), green tea and ginseng. Solstic Cardio is a combination of D3 and amino acids, especially l-arginine, for increased blood vessel dilation. This allows blood to flow more freely to the muscles for improved athletic performance and to the heart for improved cardiovascular function. Add ½ packet of Solstic Cardio and one packet of Solstic Energy to 20 ounces of water one hour before athletic activity.



Love and Peas or Nature’s Harvest are both vegan, organic and non-GMO pea protein powders including gluten-free grains, beans, vegetables and fruit. The original Love and Peas contains fructose (from fruit) but our NEW Love and Peas is sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit resulting in zero grams of sugar while maintaining the same great taste. Add 2 scoops of any protein to water for a quick grab and go “meal”. Or add 2 scoops of any protein to almond, coconut, flax or hemp milk and frozen mangoes or berries and blend!



Solstic Revive is another powder to be added to water as a “Gatorade-type” replacement. It helps to replenish electrolytes after exercise - calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Drink before, during and after physical activity. Solstic Revive is great for energy, stress, dehydration and malnutrition due to vomiting or diarrhea. The added glucosamine will help bones and joints to be more resilient to stress.



Tei fu Oil can be used in a diffuser, under the nose, on the tongue and over the throat or chest for a sinus and lung “opener”, allowing the sinuses to drain and the lungs to breathe freely.

Vitamin D3 as an oil emulsion can be taken daily to improve low D3 levels (very common), to improve the immune system and prevent infections, especially when brought on by cold, wet weather.

Probiotic 11 is a combination of 11 strains of good bacteria to build the body’s microbiome for prevention of colds and flu. Take before bed and with breakfast for best effects.

Elderberry D3fense is a combination of D3, elderberry fruit, echinacea, willow bark, royal jelly and olive leaf extract. Offered in capsule and soft chew forms, this product has proven to be effective for both adults and children all winter long!