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Final Fall Adventures

In the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County

Late fall to early winter can evoke more terror than a skeleton on Halloween to some, but don't stress, chill out in Cattaraugus County!  No one really wants to let the last days of warm weather slip out of their hands and be lost to winter's cold grasp.  Late fall still offers much to do here with celebrations of Halloween, shopping opportunities to get you started for the Christmas season and plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather!   Become invigorated by the cooling weather and find a warm spot in your heart for winter on our slopes and trails.  We are home to two major ski resorts, Holiday Valley and HoliMont!



Kick off a late fall adventure at Pumpkinville.  Open through Oct. 31, families make their way to Great Valley for the hayrides, a corn cannon shoot, Storyland, cow train, goat mountain and 6-acre corn field maze. Purchase a variety of fresh picked apples or visit the Pick-Your-Own-Pumpkin Patch. Watch them press fresh apple cider and then enjoy as you walk over to Pumpkinville’s on-site bakery, Di's Pies and Bake Shoppe. Watch as pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin and apple pies come right out of the oven.  The kids will love keeping warm while jumping on the Pumpkin Jumpin' Pillows and racing on the Farm Featured Pedal Karts.  

Or try any of the fall foliage destinations in the Enchanted Mountains.  It just makes sense that an area surrounded by hills and valleys of trees, that also embraces the outdoors, would have some of the best places to go in the fall time, be it anytime throughout the autumn season.  Rock City Park and Griffis Sculpture Park also remain open until the end of October.  Have a fall ball walking through the leaves while you gaze up at gigantic rocks or steel sculptures.  Allegany State Park will have you seeing double vision as you view the trees and then their reflections off of Quaker Lake, Red House Lake, and Science Lake.  This park is open year 'round and has plenty of activities for visitors to try! 



To capture awesome sights of the agricultural side of the Enchanted Mountains AND start your Christmas shopping with some unique, homemade and handmade gifts, plan your trip to the Amish Trail!  Experience a heritage and culture unlike none other on this trail of a different kind.  Marvel at a lifestyle that works hard without the use of modern conveniences.  Amish residences also house shops selling anything from fresh homemade jams and jellies, to colorful handcrafted rugs and quilts, woven baskets, handmade furniture, fun wooden toys and yummy goats milk fudge.  Stop along the “English” members of the Amish Trail for dining, shopping and lodging.  The friendly owners welcome your visit and can share more information about the local Amish.  To learn more, including information on guided tours, local businesses along the trail and area accommodations, call 1-800-331-0543 or visit AmishTrail.com.

Still not convinced about warming up to winter?  Here we have what some people may call harsh winters, but we sure know how to enjoy them!  Feel the crisp excitement of winter while dashing through the snow on your snowmobile on around 400 miles of trails throughout the county.  Downloadable trail maps are available at www.enchantedmountains.com or get the trail map in print version by calling 1-800-331-0543.  You will find yourself traveling over open fields of snow and under tree lined routes, discovering a new trail each time and being welcomed by businesses that cater to snowmobiles.  These are also included in the print version of the snowmobiling brochure.

Allegany State Park is known for its snowmobiling, offering 90+ miles of trails inside the park.  The park is considered one of the most well-groomed areas to snowmobile and offers plenty of room for the whole gang to stay at Group Camp 5.  The newest destination for wintry snowmobiling recess, this newly updated camp in the Quaker side of Allegany includes 18 insulated cabins, a huge mess hall with tables, chairs, refrigerator, upright freezer, and individual showers!  Call 800-456-2267 to reserve your stay today. 

Allegany State Park is the largest in New York State, and also boasts the largest trail system for cross country skiing in Western New York, which is also considered one of the finest double-track systems in the Northeastern U.S.!  Never tried XC skiing or snowshoeing?  Make a stop at the Warming Hut to pick up rental equipment, get valuable tips and information, and then head out to the trails (no charge for trails without renting).  Even if you can't master the sport, you will be able to view some of the prettiest landscapes and snow covered treescapes in our county!  Once you get the hang of it (or if you are already an experienced "snowshoer"), try the trails on the two properties of the Pfeiffer Nature Center in Portville, NY. 



The Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County, NY packs the cooling season full of fun and exciting activities.  For a complete list of adventures, events, accommodations, restaurants and more, visit Cattaraugus County Tourism on the web at www.EnchantedMountains.com or call 800-331-0543 for a Free Activities Guide or brochures on a variety of interests!