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INTERVIEW: The City Garage

"Your Friend in the Ski Business"

Interview with:


Store manager


SNOWED-IN: What’s cool in the shop this season? (besides the crew)

CLAUSS: We are entering our 16th year this season, and we couldn't be more excited for what winter has to offer! Being open year round has its benefits, but the biggest joy we get is switching from summer to winter. Getting out all the new product is like Christmas!  What’s cool?  We carry ‘Ski The East’ branded clothing and fun accessories. Based solely on the east coast, "Born from Ice" is one of their many catch phrases that they use on a variety of tees, long sleeves, and hoodies.  They've expanded their line this year and so we have expanded our selection.  We sold every last bit last season, so be sure to get in here early!  We also bought these really funny one-piece suits from England called Willyfinder … look out for Wild Willy!  Check ‘em out at


SNOWED-IN: Word has it your boot fitter has seen a lot of feet …

CLAUSS: Our boot fitter Tim Cummiskey has the knack for fitting a good ski boot; he's been doing it for about 30 years! He has what we call the "boot room" upstairs, kinda like the Dr.'s office. There, he will put you in the "big chair" and figure out why your feet hurt.  Anywhere from custom footbeds, stance alignment, stretching, and anything else you can do to a ski boot, he's your guy!


SNOWED-IN: Care to indulge in some of the other fine services you offer?

CLAUSS: The City Garage is a full service ski shop, much like the ode we made to our namesake that was a GMC dealership. The shop area in the back of the store is fully equipped with Wintersteiger ski tuning equipment. We can sharpen, wax, stone grind, and fill up your tires too! We also offer a full line of "high performance" demo skis, a try before you buy kinda deal. Not a skier? Get out and enjoy Ellicottville on a pair of our Atlas snowshoe rentals.


SNOWED-IN: What are a few accessories you carry that you would recommend every skier add to their gear bag?

CLAUSS: The must-have accessory for the gear bag is the bag itself! Transpack has brought out the best heated boot bag money can buy. For all the times you've left your boots in the car overnight, this will be the end all. You can also keep your chili warm for lunch!

SNOWED-IN: Any details yet on a pre-season movie premier event?

CLAUSS: Of course we've gotta bring the stoke once again this year! We've partnered up with MSP films on their global tour of "Fade to Winter", to be showcased at The Ellicottville Depot on Saturday Nov. 21, 2015. Stay tuned in on FB for more details.


SNOWED-IN: What other events is the C.G. team looking forward to hosting / participating in this year?

CLAUSS: Throughout the season we try to get out of the shop and connect with our customers (and hopefully get some new ones!)  Holiday Valley will host the annual Consumer Demo Day, Dec. 19. The CG crew will be on-hand guiding skiers to our company reps. In the spring of '16 we put on our annual Telestock at HV. Always the last Friday in February (26th) at the Champagne Sundeck.  Free telemark rentals and a load of good times! Once again, stay tuned in on FB and Instagram for more events as they pop up!


SNOWED-IN: On the flip side, The City Garage offers one of the coolest, most unique palettes of retail from a ski shop during the off-season.  Can you enlighten us on some of your summer lines?

CLAUSS: We have been open year round since day one. Putting a specific vibe on Ellicottville in the summer has been an ongoing affair. We've tried mostly everything, so far it seems like the theme of "summer fun" sticks the best. Anywhere from camping / glamping supplies, pie irons, hammocks, stand up paddle boards, footwear, and clothing. Trying to connect with the majority of people is our #1!  



5 Monroe Street, Ellicottville, NY 14731