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"Enjoy Every Damn Day!"

Interview with:


Rider, owner/operator


SNOWED-IN: What’s hot this season at Phatman?

KNAB: Farmer’s Almanac is predicting another wicked cold winter, so I’m going to say our selection of Burton, ThirtyTwo and Volcom outerwear is going to be hot! Our bangin’ boards of this season will be the Burton Process Centerfold line-up. These boards are surely to make ‘em drool with the latest in pinup-worthy freestyle performance. Twin shape, camber profile and some sensual top graphics make for one of the most enjoyable rides of the season.


SNOWED-IN: Other “must-mention” items in-store ... (accessories, other cool product, etc.)

KNAB: The new line of Celtek gloves, facemasks and accessories are sure to impress this year. Their classic ‘Bitten By A Mitten’ mitten is offering graphics inspired by Pink Floyd, Santa Cruz skateboards and artist Don Pendleton. Additionally, CAPiTA came together with Peter Line for a one-of-a-kind board inspired by his upcoming documentary from Mack Dawg being released this fall. The Peter Line Rainbow 153 snowboard will be available in limited quantities at the shop, so get one before they’re gone! We are also proud to offer an excellent selection of Vans Snowboard boots this year. We have the tried and trusted Hi-Standard, the classic V-66 for all-purpose riding, and hybrid laced Implant. We’re really stoked on all of our products we’re carrying but these are just some of the ones that we are especially excited for. Phatman caters to every rider and what his or her needs and wants are, so our selection of boards, boots, bindings, outerwear and accessories is pretty deep. Last but not least, we are carrying NOW bindings for the first time. These skateboard inspired bindings are built with Skate-Tech technology, which means they are constructed almost like a skateboard truck - kingpin, hanger and bushing included. It takes the energy from your foot and transfers it easily to the edges of your board, making for easier turns, a comfier ride, and less pressure on your feet. These bindings are game-changers and we’re really thrilled to have them in the shop this year.


SNOWED-IN: Not only do you embrace winter, your summer product is pretty stellar too ... can you give us a quick rundown of the skate brands and other summertime must-have items you carry?

KNAB: Yeah, obviously with being such a big store and having a lot of space, we carry a ton of skateboard products. We carry both big and small companies but a few notable deck brands that we are proud to have are Anti-Hero, Creature, Politic, Krooked, Welcome, DGK, Surprise, and Toy Machine. As for our shoe wall, we offer an extensive selection of Vans, Emerica, Lakai, Nike SB, Adidas and Huf, which we will be getting in soon. Our shoe wall has over 100 styles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. Other brands we carry include Independent, Thunder, Venture, Spitfire, OJ Wheels, Bones, Ricta, Fourstar, Altamont, Volcom and a ton more. I also wanted to mention our new in-store Disc Golf section, properly named Phatman Disc Supply. We started carrying Disc Golf equipment last year and have since become one of the largest Disc Golf Pro Shops in the area. It’s pretty incredible how popular the sport has become in the past few years, so we took notice and began selling Disc Golf discs, bags and accessories. It’s a really fun way to get outdoors, enjoy a few cold ones, and relax. It’s also free and not nearly as frustrating as regular golf.


SNOWED-IN: Phatman has been a strong backer of the Alix Rice Peacepark Foundation since day one.  For our readers who aren’t familiar, can you explain the foundation and the motivation behind it?

KNAB: The Foundation was created to raise funds and construct a memorial concrete skate park in remembrance of Alix Rice, a skater who was struck and killed in a hit-and-run by a drunk driver. The Foundation is finalizing the park plans and construction at The Northtown Center is planned for Spring 2016. We’re counting down the days until it’s completed.


SNOWED-IN: Any cool events in the works for this fall / winter season that Phatman will be hosting that we should keep our eyes and ears open for?

KNAB: Definitely, on Friday, Oct. 16, we will be hosting a movie premiere and party for ThirtyTwo’s “2032” film. We will be grilling up food, having a game of SKATE in the parking lot and doing some giveaways too. On Nov. 14, join us at Kissing Bridge for our annual Phatman Mucho Jib Jam (check out “Mucho Jib Jam” on YouTube to see what it’s all about). On Jan. 16,  hop on our Shred Bus to Kissing Bridge for the Late Night Great Night session where you can ride until 1am. We have our work cut out for us this upcoming fall and winter, but we love doing it. Stay tuned for more events … we’re always thinking of new ideas.



1) music station of choice at the shop ... typically we got Pandora playing, but on Sundays in the fall, WGR 550, Bills all the way. For Pandora … The Growlers, Stooges, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Reggae and some mellow beats. Feel good stuff.

2) shop mascot. The Squatch.  He’s our Sasquatch dude created by us here at Phatman.  He sits out in front of the shop, watches over the parking lot.  He’s cut out of wood and became popular on our t-shirts and die cut stickers. We also have Ollie, the shop dog who frequently makes appearances.

3) shout-out to Phatman team riders … Asher Pontikos, Frank Knab, Brad Boyer, Robbie Knab, Cody Voit, and Brendon Lovelock

4) favorite event in Ellicottville: Mardi Gras Weekend

5) favorite EVL watering hole ... The Gin Mill or Madigan’s



2889 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda, NY 14150