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Kickstart Your Season

Demo Day will return to Holiday Valley on Saturday, Dec. 19

CANCELED!  Buyer’s remorse has got to be in my top ten list of worst feelings of all time. I’m stingy at the best of times, so ruefully staring at my latest mistake, asking “Why did I buy this?” will put me in a funk for at least a day or two. The mourning period lasts longer in direct proportion to two things: how much money I spent on it, and how often I use it. This is no doubt true for most of you out there. Remorse over a pack of gum could last a minute, but a bad purchase of let’s say, a car, will likely haunt you to your grave. Ski and snowboard equipment is no exception. For the avid skier, the wrong pair of planks will nag you every time you put them on snow. It can become a nightmare. Luckily for all of us, there is a surefire way to mitigate this potential disaster, and its name is: Demo Day. On Saturday, Dec. 19 at Holiday Valley, Demo Day will kick off in full swing. From 9am-3pm, tents will be erected in the Clocktower Plaza in front of the main lodge. The atmosphere it creates is unique – a small commune of like-minded skiers and boarders all feeding off each other’s positive energy and stoke. Over twenty ski and snowboard reps from major brands will be present this year, including Elan, Volkl, Atomic, Rossignol, Salomon, Head, K2, Mervin Manufacturing (Lib Tech, GNU and Roxy), and Burton - to name a few. "Demo Day is a fantastic way for people who want to 'try before they buy.' Consumers have the ability to test product from the industry's best brands,” said Spencer Timkey of The Boardroom Snowboard Shop in Ellicottville. “From a retail perspective, Demo Day is dynamic. It allows our customers to try stuff that we might not necessarily have in our own demo fleet, but have on our showroom floor for sale. And don't forget, the reps deserve a ton of credit. We're on the very western edge of the territory, and most of them are coming from New York or New Jersey." One of the best parts about this event is that all demos are FREE to try. So long as you show up with a valid ID and a credit card (to make sure you don’t run off with the pair of K2 Press Skis that you just fell in love with), you can product test all day long on as many different set-ups as your little heart desires. Of course it goes without saying that you will need a lift ticket to enjoy the slopes. Demo Day is also a great way for us as consumers to communicate with our local shops. The City Garage, The Boardroom, Dekdebrun’s and Mud Sweat N’ Gears will all have people out there on the snow. Trey Clauss of The City Garage had a lot of positive remarks about Demo Day: “Hands down, this is the best day of the year to try out new skis. Trying out so many different pairs in a day means that you’re going to come across something you like. And it’s great for us, too, because we basically get to run our shop out there on the snow. Having that immediate customer feedback lets both the shop and the brand reps make sure you walk away with something you love.” For more information on Demo Day visit www.holidayvalley.com or call 716-699-2345.