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Menu Pick of the Month

Take a seat at John Harvard's

Welcome back to ski season! With the cold settling in, we think it’s fitting to offer a warming meal that is sure to satisfy your palate. We invite you to dine with us at John Harvard’s Brew House, located inside the Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley. We’ll be serving up all our favorite seasonal plates, along with a few new offerings such as Creole Tuna over Tomato Stewed Rice served with Fried Okra and Baby Corn. For those extra chilly days when you just don’t have the ambition to head outdoors, you can make this delightful meal in the comfort of your own home. Let’s get started … First up is the Creole seasoning for blackening the tuna steak. We’ll use this seasoning to spice up your tomato stewed rice too. A very easy recipe for the seasoning is as follows… 2-½ parts paprika 2 parts salt 2 parts garlic powder 1 part pepper 1 part onion powder 1 part cayenne pepper 1 part oregano 1 part thyme Next let’s make the rice … follow the directions on your rice package; any type of rice will do. Here at John Harvard’s we use jasmine rice. To tomato stew the rice, we will combine Creole seasoning, diced tomatoes and a bit of tomato paste. Be sure to drain your diced tomatoes of all the liquid; this will avoid flawing your liquid-to-rice ratio. Add the tomatoes and tomato paste when your rice is 90% done cooking and stir the mixture to create flavorful and colorful rice. Set rice aside. Now let’s move on to the baby corn and fried okra. At certain times you may be able to find fresh baby corn and okra at your local supermarket, but for this application the canned versions will be just fine. (A little lesson in baby corn: There are two methods for producing baby corn - either a special seed variety developed to produce more ears per plant, or early harvest of everyday corn. For the latter, farmers will usually harvest the immature 2nd ear from the top, and leave the top ear to fully develop … bet you didn’t know that!) Prepare the baby corn as you would any other corn dish. For my application, we will season with oil, salt and pepper and grill it. (Ready for another harvesting lesson? Okra is cultivated in tropical regions around the world and first appeared in the 12th and 13th centuries in Egypt. It became commonplace throughout the Southern United States by the 1800’s. It is harvested when immature, eaten as a vegetable, and is the key ingredient in the hearty stew known as “gumbo”.) To prepare the okra, dip it in buttermilk and dredge in a cornmeal and flour mixture. Be sure the oil in your pan is hot - test it by putting a few drops of water in the oil; if it crackles and pops, it’s ready. Fry the okra to a crispy and golden brown color and set aside. Here we go with the tuna … Blacken the tuna steak with your Creole seasoning we made during step one. The tuna steak will cook fairly quickly, about 2-3 minutes per side and is best served medium-rare. Let the steak rest for 3-4 minutes to preserve juices and flavor. Cut the steak on a bias about ¼-inch wide. Plate your tomato stewed rice first, followed by the tuna steak and garnish with fried okra, baby corn, and sriracha if you prefer a bit of “spicy” on your tastebuds. BEER PAIRING JOHN HARVARD’S WINTER LAGER This Amber Lager is brewed by our friends downtown at EBC, and is purposely brewed to be just a little stronger and maltier than a conventional Amber Lager. A smoother, slightly more full-bodied brew than Yuengling, its high quality German ingredients and craftsmanship put it in a class of its own.