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Review of HoliMont Updates for 2015

New Equipment, Westmont Ridge, Greer Lift Update and more!

There is a chill in the air of Ellicottville, which is always a welcome feeling this time of year. By the time this publication goes to print, the HoliMont Mountain Crew will most likely have fired up the guns and started to make snow.


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A lot has happened since we closed for the season last April. Some of the changes are pretty noticeable (nicely refurbished Greer lift and an overhaul to Dina’s at the Mont). Some are a little less obvious but just as important (more snowmaking capacity on Exhibition). But all were made to make the 2015-16 season one to remember!

Beginner Area

While it won’t be open for the 2015-16 season, over the summer the Mountain Crew started preparation work to start the relocation of the Chipmunk lift for the following ski season. Starting in the 2016-17 season the beginner area at HoliMont will be located near the Sunset area and will allow the Snowsports School to work with beginner skiers and snowboarders in a more efficient and effective manner.

New Equipment

In an effort to make summer upkeep easier and as a way to continue to enhance the winter grooming, HoliMont added to its PistenBully fleet by purchasing a Greentech PistenBully with a flail mower attachment, which made mowing the slopes over the summer a much faster endeavor.

Westmont Ridge

This past summer saw the construction of the first single-family house at WestMont Ridge. It was great to see the project from its initial ground breaking stages all the way through watching siding go up on the house. There is no doubt that the owner will be very pleased with their new ski-in/ski-out property and we are looking forward to seeing the other 18 landowners begin construction on their properties.

Greer Lift Update

The Lift Department and the Buildings & Grounds crew spent a portion of the summer refurbishing the Greer lift. And it looks pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves. Each year we focus on one lift to overhaul and this year Greer got the special attention. It now joins Exhibition Express, Cascade, and Meadow in the list of newly updated HoliMont lifts. Greer is a favorite of so many Members and guests; if you’ve never been on it, take a ride this season. You’ll be glad you did.

Mountain Biking Memories

Fall is such a great season in Ellicottville; especially if you value scenery. Hopping on a mountain bike and peddling to the top of any of the hills in Ellicottville during the peak of Fall gives you a picturesque view of the landscape that it is always worth the ride.

The Future

Speaking of views ... the one from the top of what will eventually be the new terrain park at HoliMont is phenomenal. If you like the view from the top of Greer, you’re going to LOVE this view. It’ll give you an entirely new perspective on Ellicottville. So while the slope won’t be open this coming winter, it is ready to have a chairlift installed when the time is correct. This season be sure you make your way over to Sunset to take a look at what the future of HoliMont has in store for you!


Fall Festival

After Fall Festival, it is pretty much all hands on deck at HoliMont. Fall Fest in Ellicottville always represents the start of the ski season, and this year’s Fall Fest was no different. The weather was brilliant, which we are hoping is a sign of great things to come for the upcoming season. Are you ready? We sure are!

Winter Awaits

Snow. Excitement. Entertainment. Scenery. All of this and more await you during the ski season at HoliMont. Whether you are a HoliMont Member, the guest of a Member, one of our Weekday Experience Passholders, part of a group or just visiting us for some good times with good people, HoliMont is here for you in order to make your WNY winter experience more enjoyable. Can’t wait to see you!

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