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ReStart and ReVive

Looking for motivated souls to participate in a nutrition and fitness program to kick off 2016

New Year’s Resolutions are always fun to create because the associated HOPE for positive results runs high. Most resolutions involve the desire for happiness, wealth and health. We are looking for motivated souls who would like to participate in a three and a half month nutritional, supplemental and fitness program. In addition to group participants, there are open positions for training future health and wellness coaches. Now is the moment to invest our time, money and energy into healing our broken bodies in order to experience greater happiness, wealth and health.

Gretchen Mendell, owner of Nature’s Remedy Natural Market & Holistic Center in Ellicottville, along with Jillian Vogtli, raised in Ellicottville and a two-time Olympian for mogul skiing, and myself have come together to form a fun, inspiring, and effective natural healing health and weight loss program. This holistic-style program is designed to offer various nutritional, supplemental and fitness options to meet each person’s needs. Each of us is devoted to your end results and passionate about the journey towards that finish line.



Join us for a 14-Day CleanStart Detox (start and stop anywhere between January 1-20) that will kick off your 2016 New Year and prepare you for the 12-Week ReStart and ReVive In.Form Program. Instructions for the Detox can be received at Nature’s Remedy with or without a FREE scheduled consultation with me OR via a FREE phone consultation with me. (See contact info below!)

Supplements include a detoxifying fiber, herbal detoxifying capsules, liquid chlorophyll, a B-vitamin drink, a multi-vitamin drink and probiotics.

Nutrition includes the elimination of sugar, wheat and dairy and the addition of pure water, vegetables and vegan pea protein smoothies. Included in your detox package is a Lifestyle Replacement Plan explaining not only what to eliminate from your diet and lifestyle but also what to replace and add.

Fitness includes interval walking and yoga.

Assessments include a before and after questionnaire and fitness scan, providing 8 different body measurements.

Additional Detox Enhancements include two hot power yoga classes at Groove Fitness (special offer provided for detox participants), two Detox Power Baths (purchase at Nature’s Remedy) and two Infrared Saunas (available in my office above Nature’s Remedy).



January 21 - April 14

Join us for this 12-week program every Thursday evening from 6:30-8pm at Nature’s Remedy OR via an online live webinar. (This weekly webinar will also be available to view at later dates.) The cost for this program is $99 or about $8 per class. We are here to offer you a program that will be effective yet fit into your lifestyle with regards to finances, time and capabilities.

Supplements are tailored to each person’s individual needs and are geared towards detoxification, bio-nutritional needs and improving metabolism and energy.

Nutrition is focused on a clean-eating, daily essential meal plan with the strong belief that sugar, wheat and dairy must be eliminated while water, vegetables, clean proteins, whole foods, superfoods and pea protein smoothies will best prepare the body for healing, energy and weight loss.

Fitness is an obvious component yet the most difficult to implement due to the obstacles of poor exercise habits, un-prioritized time and lack of motivation. The program offers inspiration and accountability while providing you with practical tools to have consistency and success in this area. Jillian Vogtli has created fun and effective in-home exercise videos with live class participants, all who are assessed and recorded for their results over a 3-month period. For those of you who will not exercise at home, there are four great locations here in Ellicottville offering various packages: Groove Fitness, Core Performance, Peakside Health & Fitness, and Laura Solly Yoga.

Assessments include a before and after questionnaire and fitness scan, providing 8 different body measurements, along with tape measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and pulse oximetry.

Additional Program Enhancements include discounted fees for naturopathic services offering CranioSacral Therapy, Authentic Touch Essential Oils, Individualized Consultations and Detox Foot Spas.

Are you ready?  To start your 14-day CleanStart Detox and/or to join our 12-week ReStart & ReVive In.Form Program, contact me, Kristina Barlow, at 716-353-0786, drbarlow@naturopathicpartners.com, or stop in at Nature’s Remedy, 26 Monroe Street, Ellicottville, NY.  We also invite you  to attend an informational session on Jan. 14 at 6:30pm at Nature’s Remedy.  Call the store for additional details.



“ReStart & ReVive has given me all of the tools I need for adopting healthier eating habits and have become a part of my daily life. I really learned a lot about the science of healthy, natural nutrition. The weekly classes provided a lot of inspiration, accountability and support. Most of all, the incredibly knowledgeable, caring attention from Kristina made this whole program a success for me. I have lost 17 pounds in 12 weeks and feel better both physically and mentally. This program will be something I can follow for my lifetime.” ~ G.G., Bradford, PA (This woman continued implementing this lifestyle and one year later has maintained a 30-pound weight loss, improved energy, better sleep, happier moods and diminished pain.)

“My goals in the first ReStart & ReVive class were to lose some weight, get relief from hot flashes, improve my energy, gain self-confidence and be able to sleep better at night. We started with the essential food plan, then looked at the cause and effect of our present day habits and learned about detoxification. The phrase, ‘Lose Weight by Losing Toxicity’ had a profound impact on my life. I had never done a body cleanse and the results were amazing. I can’t get over how good I feel with ‘clean-eating’ and eliminating toxins accumulated from years of being a hairdresser. We supported each other throughout the whole 12 weeks and I lost 15 pounds! I have positive energy - mentally, physically and emotionally. Healthy eating has led to a new body and a new mind. I look forward to the future. If you are ready for a difference in your life, this class could be the answer for you.” ~ J.B., Little Valley, NY