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BIG NEWS from The Boardroom

2nd location re-opening ... this time on the TOP floor
Interview with:
Spence Timkey, High 5 GM
PERKS: Big news!  The Boardroom is continuing with two locations (as it did last year), but this time, your 2nd location is relocating to the TOP floor of 14 Washington Street … 
​TIMKEY: We’re moving on up! Couldn’t be more thrilled with the move to 14 Washington and being on the main floor. Last year’s combination of no snow, a weak Canadian dollar and being downstairs almost led us to pull the plug. But DJ Tyler Swift (Tyler Burns, our BoM manager) was candid in his thinking that being upstairs would make it work, and we listened. We’ll be ready to rock by Fall Festival. The space is SO cool, and we can’t wait to get in there, get it merch’d and do the dang thing. Look for us next door to Adventure Bound onthefly … we’ll have all of the same sweet stuff we’ve got at the Flagship, plus more lifestyle apparel. 
​PERKS: Ok let’s get to the really good stuff.  What are some of the latest and greatest hardgoods that The Boardroom is excited about bringing in this season?
​TIMKEY: Snowboarding is not dead! So many great things happening with hardgoods right now. All of our A+ brands have brought the heat this season, such as the Travis Rice Pro Model (look for Travis in The Fourth Phase, his newest masterpiece), which is one of the multiple Lib Tech all-mountain destroyers we have in here. Burton has added the Hammock Strap (super comfy ankle strap) to the Cartel (mens) and the Lexa (ladies). And Salomon Snowboarding’s Str8 Jacket boot technology gives you an internal heel harness to really suck your foot down. All in all, a TON of great stuff for your on-hill experience. 
​PERKS: Same question, softgoods …
​TIMKEY: We’re a big proponent of layering properly. As in, don’t wear cotton next to your skin because you’ll be cold and miserable. Start with some moisture-wicking base layer from Under Armour or Burton, then follow with a riding flannel from Volcom or 686. With the uber-cold winter we’re going to have, you’re going to want to make sure everything is covered up. Airhole makes a facemask with a built-in breathing hole to avoid dampness, and Anon’s Magna Tech uses magnets to attach the facemask seamlessly to the bottom of the goggle. 
​PERKS: And not to leave out product for the techie … can you hit on some of the tech products that you’re stocking up on?
​TIMKEY: Let’s start with GoPro, and the brand-new Hero5 Black. It comes with a built-in GPS, a touchscreen, 3 (!) microphones and shoots in gorgeous 4K resolution. Throw in some SP Gadgets (accessories for your GoPro) and you’ve got yourself a ready-made movie. Really a must have. We’ve also picked up Goal Zero, an outdoor brand that is entirely solar powered/rechargeable. Outdoor Tech continues its powerhouse run with water-resistant bluetooth speakers, which are perfect for any occasion. Speaking of wireless speakers, don’t forget to snag a pair of wireless chips for your helmet! 
​PERKS: You put a heavy emphasis on junior gear, including seasonal snowboard rentals. Indulge …
​TIMKEY: We’ve seen the cycle trend up in snowboarding, then down, and we’re really starting to see it trend back up in terms of participation and who we’re getting on the hill. Our ‘tweener’ category has been monstrous the last couple of seasons, as well as the Uber Junior (110 centimeter snowboards, size 11 feet, real dang cute). The goal is to try and get as many kids on the hill as possible in good gear so they have a good experience and keep coming back. Our seasonal snowboard rental consists of brands like Burton, Salomon and Lib Tech - three of our powerhouse retail brands, so you know the stuff your kiddo is on will be the best in the industry. 
​PERKS: You said you’re the go-to spot for helmets and goggles. What can people expect when they come in?
​TIMKEY: Options! So many options. Styles, pricing, colorways, brands … that’s how we try to set ourselves apart. Where we used to have the PowderRoom is now dedicated to strictly helmets and goggles. Our helmet brand anchors, Giro and Smith, are joined by newcomers Pret and Oakley. And goggles? We’ve got the solid pricepoint covered all the way up to the high-end from Anon and Oakley. Need something with a quick change lens tech for day/night riding? Got you covered. Need something for over your glasses? Just come see us. We’ll even have the Oakley PRIZM Inferno, which … well, we can’t give it away. Pop in and prepare to be wowed. 
​PERKS: Last year, we saw “Holidays with the Boardroom.” Can we expect Season 2? 
TIMKEY: “Holidays” was something we did because 1) we were bored because it wasn’t snowing; and 2) funny things happen when you drink a bunch of wine. But as we did it, more people kept asking, “When’s the next episode?” It kind of took on a life of its own, and over the summer, folks kept asking if we would be doing it again. So now we kind of have to. We’re going to fire up a podcast this year as well. Listen, this is snowboarding and snowsports. It’s not life or death! Let’s have some fun with it! If that means firing off a couple Game of Thrones references while doing a ski rental, then so be it. The only thing we take seriously is our passion for what we do. This is our 33rd year in business. Cheers to another couple decades of getting people stoked on snowboarding.