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Dekdebruns Now 4 Seasons

Following a good 1st summer, the crew is ready for snow
Interview with:
Ciara Peters, 
Soft Goods Manager
PERKS: This past summer was a bit different for you guys.  You were OPEN!  How did the summer retail business pan out for you?  What did you stock the shop with?  Do you plan on re-opening next summer as well?
PETERS: We were open! We were slightly apprehensive going into it, but it went very well! We went with a variety of casual and swim wear from companies like O’Neill and Picture Organic Clothing. In addition, we also offered men’s and women’s custom flip-flops, and we freshened up our t-shirt wall with some summer inspired designs. We do plan on being open again next summer, and will be expanding our horizons on inventory by looking at maybe doing a little golf and athletic wear.
PERKS: What’s new in the shop for this coming winter?
PETERS:We are bringing back a fantastic clothing brand, Orage, which we are very excited about! For the racers, we will now be carrying Uvex helmets and goggles. For the skiers, Apex released a new boot called the XP, which is the best one yet! For the snowboarders, we will be carrying Nitro snowboards for the first time this season.
PERKS: What are a few accessories you carry that you would recommend every skier add to their gear bag?
PETERS:Helmets!!! (Safety first.)  We also love all things merino wool - socks, layering pieces, neckgators or balaclavas. There is nothing better on a cold day - on and off the slopes - than merino wool!
PERKS: Along with snowsports equipment and clothing, you also carry an array of EVL-branded merchandise.  Can you give us a glimpse of some of these items you’ve got stocked on shelves? 
PETERS:We offer lots of fun things to decorate chalets with or to grab as gifts … we have clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and jackets; glassware: shot glasses, flasks and koozies; and the ever popular EVL stickers and magnets.
PERKS: Can you hit on some of the services you guys are known for?
PETERS:We are most well-known for our amazing bootfitting, but also for our ski and board tune-ups … let’s not forget our rentals, both daily and seasonal.
PERKS: Tell us about your TekScan machine and the custom footbeds you offer …
PETERS:We developed a tandem custom bootfitting system that involves a whole body approach. The first step begins with our Footbalance Custom Insoles; this computerized system analyzes foot shapes and movement.  It guides us in building the perfect custom insole for skiing/snowboarding.  We also stock insoles for other sports, such as running and walking, or just your everyday casual shoe.  The second step involves one of our “boot doctors” assisting a customer in picking out the best boot for their needs based on many factors, including their foot shape, ability, budget, etc.  After the perfect boot is picked and heat molded, we use our TekScan machine to create the proper body alignment with the boot and the ski.  Our machine can guide us with a visual weight distribution picture.  We can then make adjustments to the boot to ensure that the ski is properly weighted when the customer is in their boots.  Everyone is welcome to stop in for a demo - we even added two big screen TVs last year for easier viewing of our bootfitting technologies. 
PERKS: Favorite watering hole to unwind at after a busy day in the shop ….
PETERS:Definitely the Ellicottville Brewing Company! We may be a little bias, since some of our employees also work there … For more quiet nights, we like to have “family” dinners at each other’s houses.
PERKS: Where’s Greg? Can we expect to see him around this winter?
PETERS: Greg is popping in and out of the store, but is still looking forward to enjoying the awesome winter that is coming! Look for him on the slopes!