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The Facts About Facials

More than just a luxury; Key for maintaining healthy skin

Facials are one of those misunderstood spa treatments.  They are commonly viewed as a luxury; a great way to enjoy part of your Saturday afternoon. But what if I told you facials are not just a way to be pampered, but rather something you should at the very least do seasonally, as they provide both short and long-term benefits to our skin and our overall health.

While home care is very important, a proper facial involves equipment, products and knowledge of an Esthetician or Certified Skin Care Provider. Estheticians have access to products for all skin issues with the training and know-how to care for that individual’s needs. Yes, a facial is a wonderful, relaxing experience, but it can also help you with bigger issues such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

The first step to getting your skin to looking and feeling they way you would like it long-term is a good consultation with your esthetician. Knowing your goals for that session and your future goals really does make a difference.  At Anew Beginning Massage & Spa, we start with a basic cleanse, followed by a deep cleaning to help lift out all the oils, leftover makeup and impurities from the environment. Toner is used to pick up the leftover cleanser. Now the skin is ready for the good stuff - serums, enzymes, essential oils and exfoliates. Depending on your skin’s needs, steam may be used or just some hot towels. During this time, light hand and arm massage is performed while the hot towels and steam do their magic.

This leads us to the perfect opportunity to talk about the purpose of enzymes and why they may be so beneficial. Enzymes are designed to help exfoliate the skin while under hot towels or steam to reveal a fresh layer of skin for ease of absorption of the serums, essential oils and moisturizer. Natural enzymes work wonders in this way; a lemon zest enzyme is used for normal to dry skin with irregular pigmentations. The lemon enzyme promotes deep hydration that protects skin from the elements of the environment. Cherry enzyme is perfect for normal to combination skin by promoting deep hydration that protects from environmental damage, while removing the surface signs of aging.

Following all of that good stuff is an invigorating and rejuvenating face massage using beneficial oils. An appropriate mask is chosen, applied, and left on for 10 minutes (an important procedure that should be handled by a professional). Masks can be used to hydrate, help serums penetrate or pull out impurities further.  Once the mask is removed, toner is applied.  This is a very underestimated step by a lot of people. Toner shuts down the pores and brings back your natural Ph balance. This is truly a key step in everyone's home skin care.  Lastly, your esthetician ends with serums, essential oils and/or moisturizer.

Estheticians can also help you develop a good at-home regimen, so that you can continue with the radiant skin they have left you with after a treatment.

After all, your counter of products sitting in the bathroom and all that money will not be doing any good for your skin if they cannot reach the new fresh layers of skin they need to be effective. So that seasonal facial you may be on the fence about is really just amplifying all you already do to help your skin daily in your home. Contact your local esthetician and request “Anew” outlook on your skin.