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snowTRENDS: There's a New Show in Town ... interview with The Boardroom

Story telling is human nature.  Factual, Fictional, or a combination of both; almost everyone loves telling a good story.  It started with drawings on cave walls, evolved to oral traditions that were passed down from generation to generation, and eventually those narratives got written down. Today, between all the different social media platforms and digital means of communication, story telling is more abundant than ever.  

During the winter months, Ellicottville is not exactly lacking in the entertainment department.  Between the slopes of Holiday Valley and HoliMont and the nightlife of the village, plenty of stories are made between the months of December and April.  There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’ve got an Ellicottville story or two yourself.  And if you’ve ever been to The Boardroom, or The Boardroom on Main, and had the opportunity to talk with any of the staff then you know they have stories for days!  Whether it’s shop talk about the newest and hottest products on the market, the latest scoop on what’s happening at the resorts in town, or just shop beagle tales (pun intended) The Boardroom crew never disappoints.  It’s pretty safe to say though, that the topic they enjoy the most is snowboarding.  So when Spencer Timkey (@spence_timkey on Insta) and Tyler Burns (@tylerxburns) were trying to figure out a new way to connect with people who share their passion for shredding, they settled on the podcast format.  And just like that, Cold Soup, a weekly podcast for the shred enthusiast was born. 

DH: How did the idea for the podcast come about?  

ST: We were looking for an additional avenue to connect with people that love snowboarding. You’ve got your traditional social channels, but nobody wants to read longform on a Facebook post. When Tyler and I can sit around my kitchen table and actually carry a conversation, it’s a little more engaging. The podcast allows us to kind of go beneath the surface of a particular topic we’re talking about. If you’re in the car with your fam or your homies on the way to the hill, we want Cold Soup on those speakers, getting you amped to ride with some laughs along the way. 

DH: What made you decide on Cold Soup as a name?  Who came up with that? 

TB: Sometimes you just say something and you know. Spencer and I seem to go off on random tangents from time-to-time, and somehow we got way off track talking about our favorite crockpot means, a recurring topic on Cold Soup. Gazpacho, a traditional Mexican dish that’s basically cold tomato soup came up, and I said I think we should call it ‘Cold Soup.’  Listen to Episode 1 and you can hear the whole thing unfold.

DH: Ultimately, what is the goal of Cold Soup? 

ST & TB: Baseline, it’s to get people stoked on snowboarding and winter sports in general. We do a segment called “This Week in Snowboarding,” where we cover some banger edits snowboarders are putting out … check Bode Merrill’s part in ‘Reckless Abandon. Woo boy!  We want to get our listeners to engage with us online … but more so come into our storefronts and meet us in person, tell us what they thought of the episodes and maybe some different things they want to hear about. 

DH: What has been your favorite episode that you’ve recorded?  Why? 

ST: We’ve had really good ones so far. Pat Hammer (WGRZ meteorologist, Ep. 4), Joe Grasso (of Burton Snowboards, Ep. 5) and Dan Aldrich (HV snowmaker, Ep. 7) were all so good, but I think my favorite so far is Episode 9 with legendary snowboard photographer Tim Zimmerman. Tim has been all over the world snapping pics of dudes who are ridiculously good at snowboarding, and he’s so grounded. Millions of people have seen those photos and he’s just a regular dude. 

TB: That’s such a tough one, because we’ve had really great guests. But I’ve got to agree with ST and say Ep. 7 with Dan. Snowmaking is so important, especially in a year like last when natural snow rarely, if ever, came along. It was really cool to see an inside look at the actual process of snowmaking. 

DH: What should/can people look forward to in coming episodes?

ST & TB: We plan on having Pat Morgan (head of Big Boulder Park), Adam Sauerwein (of ‘The Pursuit’ fame), Pat Meehan (of Pret Helmets) and other industry people on. I’d really love to get HV General Manager Dennis Eshbaugh to come on … so stay tuned. 

DH: Cold Soup has a planned weekly airing, correct?

TB: We try to go for every Tuesday night around 8pm, but sometimes we drop at random times depending on our schedule. The goal is to get one a week, but there will be some weeks, like Christmas week, where we won’t have the time. But we really shoot for one a week. 

DH: If you could have a guest interview of anyone for Cold Soup, who would it be and why?

ST: Oh man … besides the caliber of a pro rider like Travis (Rice), I’d have to say a Godfather - Jake Carpenter (of Burton) or Mike Olson (of Mervin Manufacturing). Those two have been with snowboarding since its infancy. Jake is the businessman, the powerhouse guy who saw a global vision for snowboarding. Olson is more of the mad scientist, cooking up new shapes and tech in his lab, like Magne Traction, utilizing rocker and blended camber more. 

DH: Any plans for Iron Mike to be on an episode? 

ST: We’re going to try. He’s got an unbelievable wealth of knowledge on both the industry and snowboarding, seeing as he’s been in it for so long. But if you really want the OG to drop some knowledge, you’ll just have to come to the Flagship. 

DH: Aside from Cold Soup, what podcasts are you guys listening to these days?

ST: My main listen is Pardon My Take, the one the Barstool Guys, PFT and Big Cat, do. They’re awesome, not just because the content is hilarious, but they crank out 3 podcasts a week with some pretty heavy guests. That’s dedication. 

TB: I like “The Not Snowboarding Podcast.” We kind of follow a slightly similar format. And Comedy Bang! Bang. It’s just a randomly funny podcast. 

DH: What are you both most excited about for the upcoming snowboard season?

TB: Sweet Lady Lake Effect! I feel like we are going to get Hammered this winter, and I’m so stoked!

DH: Finally, where can people find the episodes at?

TB: Two ways: On the website (www.boardsandpowder.com) or on iTunes! Go to Podcasts and search Cold Soup. Getting the show from hosted just on our website to a legit platform was huge - it gives people the opportunity to download it without blowing through all of their data. You can also look for the links on the Facebook page (The Boardroom Snowboard Shop) or Twitter/Insta (@boardroomeville). 

So head on over to iTunes and give the guys a download.  You’ll find entertaining episodes that have a solid blend of humor, history, and all around snowboard insight.  The perfect mix to get you ready to go enjoy that WNY lake effect.