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You've worked hard all winter. Take time off for yourself this spring.

Spring is almost upon us … what better time to start Anew Beginning.  Relax, you deserve it! 

Let’s face it. Life can be stressful, and I’m convinced that time goes by faster and faster with each passing year. As a result of our increasingly busy schedules (and diminishing “free time”, we are devoting less and less to taking care of ourselves.  I think we all understand that life is stressful. And we understand that it is important to take time for “me”.  But we don’t. And although many of us admit that we have fallen into this hectic lifestyle, what are we actually doing to combat it?

Stress itself increases our risk for many different health ailments - from frequent migraines to a decreased immune system to induced anxiety.  Did you know?  The power and healing ability of touch can do more than just “feel nice”. It can help reduce blood pressure, help lower the frequency of migraines or even eliminate headaches altogether. The power of touch can decrease overall body pain and aches, especially those caused by arthritis. Did you know? For as little as 15 minutes and $15 you can relax and enjoy the positive health benefits with a hand pariffin dip. Let light exfoliation and soothing pariffin warm your hands and lock in moisture. After the pariffin is removed, enjoy a light hand massage. This treatment is great for all ages, especially those with their hands in water washing multiple times daily or the working man who spends most of his days outside in the bitter cold. 

If you can sneak in 30 minutes of your time, for $45 you can relax with a Therapeutic Massage geared to your stress points … neck, shoulders, your lower back and maybe your forearms from all that typing at work.  Ahh, can you feel the stress melting away yet?

Reflexology is up next in the spotlight.  $55 and 45 minutes of giving back to those lovely little toes that help hold you up all day, everyday. When was the last time you gave a little thanks to those beloved little piggies? If you have ever worked retail or food service, then yes, you know what we mean. Reflexology targets the feet and their reflex zones (referring to the ability to affect the body as a whole through specific areas of the foot) - everything from lung function to sciatic nerve pain to restless legs to bowel issues. Your feet will thank you!

To bring us all into a happy space is the Salt Glow. The name says it all … Glow. Who isn’t looking for a bit of sunshine, right? I know I am!  During a salt glow session, we turn the table heater on, then perform a full body exfoliation by dry brush gloves, and follow it up with an essential oil combination that is custom selected for your needs. A house-made salt scrub is applied, lifting away dead skin and increasing circulation. Warm towels are used to melt the salt away but leave the hydrating coconut oil and jojoba oils.  All of this is finished off with deep moisturizing cream and light massage. 

Take time this spring for yourself … seriously, you deserve it! You’ve worked hard all winter long. Renew with us at Anew Beginning Massage and Spa.

To learn more about any of these services or to book an appointment with one of our licensed staff, give us a call or stop in at Anew Beginning Massage & Spa, 9 Monroe Street, downtown Ellicottville, NY, phone 716-699-2508.  For the month of March, we are also offering a special that includes a half hour massage plus a half hour facial with hand paraffin dip for $85. Just mention you saw this in SNOWED-IN! All of our services can be viewed on our website at www.anewbeginningny.com.  See you soon!