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Burton's Step On is Here!

Find them at The Boardroom Snowboard Shop
Interview with Spencer Timkey, Director of Stoke
Ok we’ve gotta start with the BIG one .. Burton Step-ons?  Indulge …
   This is a biggie. When we were having dinner with our Burton Rep last year (shoutout Joe Grasso), he hinted that something big was coming down the pipeline. After some prodding (and some beers), Grasso told us that Burton was going to reintroduce a step in binding to snowboarding - Step On. The system, which is obviously far superior and more technical than the step in bindings we seemingly all rode in the late-90s, uses contact points at your heel and both sides of your toes. And this season, Burton blessed The Boardroom by naming us one of their select Full Service Dealers - meaning that we’re one of a few shops on the East Coast that has access to Step On. They’re making it for men and women, and it will be available for sale at the beginning of November. We’re going to have a few demo pair, and we’re encouraging the doubters to ride it before they make any rash assumptions. Step On is the next evolution in snowboarding, and The Boardroom is incredibly stoked to be able to offer it. 
What are some of the other hardgoods that The Boardroom is excited about bringing in this season?
  Shapes! So many shapes. Snowboarding has been trending in this direction for a few seasons, and we’re really excited to have a multitude of shaped rides for our customers to choose from. We’ve got the entire Family Tree line from Burton, some asymmetric shapes from Lib Tech and GNU, the Sick Stick and Man’s Board from Salomon, and the Insta/Gator from Never Summer. You’re going to ask about these boards - they are weird looking - but they are super cool. Not to mention, we’ll have the full contingent of regular shapes for your ripping pleasure. 
Same question, softgoods …
   We’re a big proponent of layering properly. As in, don’t wear cotton next to your skin because you’ll be cold and miserable. Start with some moisture-wicking base layer from Under Armour or Burton, then follow with a riding flannel from 686. With the uber-cold winter we’re going to have, you’re going to want to make sure everything is covered up. Airhole makes a facemask with a built-in breathing hole to avoid dampness, and Anon’s Magna Tech uses magnets to attach the facemask seamlessly to the bottom of the goggle. 
You put a heavy emphasis on junior gear, including seasonal snowboard rentals …
   We’ve seen the cycle trend up in snowboarding, then down, and we’re really starting to see it trend back up in terms of participation and who we’re getting on the hill. Our ‘tweener’ category has been monstrous the last couple of seasons, as well as the Uber Junior (110 centimeter snowboards, size 11 feet, really cute). The goal is to try and get as many kids on the hill as possible in good gear so they have a good experience and keep coming back. Our seasonal snowboard rental consists of brands like Burton, Salomon and Lib Tech - three of our powerhouse retail brands, so you know the stuff your kiddo is on will be the best in the industry. 
You said you’re the go-to spot for helmets and goggles. What can people expect when they come in?
   Options. Styles, pricing, colorways, brands … that’s how we try to set ourselves apart. Where we used to have the PowderRoom is now dedicated to strictly helmets and goggles. Our helmet brand anchors, Giro and Smith, are now offering MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) which is an added safety feature. And goggles? We’ve got the solid pricepoint covered all the way up to the high-end from Anon and Oakley. Need something with a quick change lens tech for day/night riding? Got you covered. Need something for over your glasses? Just come see us.
There’s a new event at Holiday Valley this year called “Boardroom Banked”.  What is it? Who? and When?
   The Boardroom Banked is an event that we’ve wanted to do for a while, but we were spread pretty thin manpower-wise when we had The Boardroom on Main opened. Now that we’re back to one location, we have the ability to run more fun events - and The Boardroom Banked is going to be just that. Going down on Sunday, March 4th, we’re going to take over Holiday Valley’s Independence run for a day of banked turns and a celebration of snowboarding. The party will be on the Champagne Sundeck (at Yodeler), we’ll have our reps on-hand, we’ve got giveaways, and it’s going to be a rad day. There are four divisions: Ladies, Groms, Men’s and OG (for all of you over 35 who want to show that you can still run with the young guns.) We don’t have this locked in yet, but we’re hoping to have a pre-party/registration at The Depot the Saturday night beforehand. Registration will be available soon, and proceeds are going to go to a cause that is yet to be decided on. If you want more info, just pop in and see us until we get some things pumping out on our social channels.
THE BOARDROOM SNOWBOARD SHOP: 6113 Route 219, Ellicottville, NY, phone 716-699-5620, boardsandpowder.com