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INSIDE: The City Garage

Interview with Trey Clauss, Mr. Man
What’s new this year at The City Garage?
   17 years of having fun and doing what we love … not really new for this year, but we love getting all the new product and stocking the store for the season. We've got a full line of outerwear brands to keep you warm & dry and looking good for aprés. 
Word has it your bootfitter has seen a lot of feet … 
   Our boot fitter Tim Cummiskey has the knack for fitting a good ski boot; he's been doing it for about 30 years! He has what we call the "boot room" upstairs, kinda like the Dr.'s office. There, he will put you in the "big chair" and figure out why your feet hurt.  Anywhere from custom footbeds, stance alignment, stretching, and anything else you can do to a ski boot, he's your guy!
You also carry cross country skis and snowshoes. Care to indulge?
   Since 1999 we haven't sold a snowboard, ever. Cross country, snowshoes, and telemark equipment has filled that void. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing take little to no effort to get out and enjoy the winter months. There's something to be said about blazing your own trail and listening to the snow under your feet. Slow it down and explore Ellicottville. 
You’re hosting a movie premier event for MSP Films: “Drop Everything” this November in Ellicottville.  Can you hype it up for us?
   Oh man where do I start!? Each year MSP Films outdoes themselves with delivering insane ski cinematography. This year’s film is bringing back the skiing! Crazy skiing, super deep powder, and rock n’ roll soundtrack. Nov. 18, 2017 at The Ellicottville Depot, 7pm.  Free show, first come first serve.   
What other events are you guys looking forward to hosting / participating in this year? 
   Our biggest annual event comes a little later in the season.  Telestock - a day of peace, love, and telemark skiing - will be on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018.  This is by far the most fun, relaxed, free spirit day of skiing you will have at Holiday Valley. Tune into our FB page for more upcoming events throughout the season!
What’s the story behind the shop’s name?
   The City Garage came from the original GMC / gas station that was located on Washington Street where Katy's Cafe is located now. The name has nothing to do with what we sell, but it has been the meaning of how we do it. 
You guys have the tendency to cook up some good grub in the back on those busy shop days and evening work hours.  What’s the staff’s in-house grub of choice to prepare?
   Crockpot Creations! It has to be cooked in the pot.  Goulash, franks ’n beans, spicy chili … the master chef is Too Tall Tom and whatever he brings to the shop we make it work.  Only one stipulation - the key ingredient in every meal is to add one can of beer for maximum flavor!
On the flip side, The City Garage offers one of the coolest, most unique palettes of retail from a ski shop during the off-season.  Can you enlighten us on some of your summer lines? 
   We have been open year round since 1999.  Summertime has made us put our thinking cap on a time or two.  In the past few summers we have started to expand more into gear for summer fun.  Nothing too serious involved, just products that make you think of getting outdoors and enjoying yourself.  Ellicottville in the summer brings a wide variety of travelers - whether it be the backpackers on the FLT (Finger Lakes Trail), families going to Allegany State Park, or just the day tripper - we try to have something for everyone.  A few staple brands that you will find: ENO hammocks, YETI, GSI outdoors, ROME camping, Stanley, KEEN footwear, BIRKENSTOCK, Kuhl clothing, Xero sandals … come check us out in winter AND summer!
THE CITY GARAGE: 5 Monroe St., Ellicottville, NY, phone 716-699-2054,