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Recording Light

Gallery 14731 showcases captivating landscapes by local photographers


At its root, photography is the art of recording light.  Anyone who has ever been to Ellicottville, NY knows that whether it’s the sun setting through the gold and red colors of the maple leaves in the fall, the glisten of the sun on snow on a bluebird day, or the luminosity of a summer sunrise, Western New York is an incredible location to take inspiring and captivating photographs.

Photography lovers planning to visit Ellicottville are in luck because Gallery 14731, Ellicottville's premiere contemporary gallery space and gift shop, is currently showcasing work by some fantastic photographers.  Gallery 14731 is quickly becoming Ellicottville’s go-to hub for finding talented local artists and its emphasis on consistently changing up the space and showcasing different mediums allows art enthusiasts to see something new on a regular basis.



One current featured artist is Holiday Valley’s own Dan Aldrich, who in the past year obtained his FAA Drone Certification with the intent of showcasing the beautiful landscape of Ellicottville from a different angle.  Aldrich has been a fixture on the Holiday Valley Snowmaking crew for over twenty years now and as a result of being up on the mountain before anyone else, has been able to provide the resort with some stunning early morning photos that have been used on its social channels. “I thought that the aerial shots during the morning would look great,” Aldrich stated.  “So I purchased a drone. And so began a new found passion.”

Naturally, Aldrich says that Holiday Valley is his favorite place to take his landscape photos.  It’s the place he knows the best and one that allows him to show people a different perspective of a location they know and love.

“My ideal and favorite photos consist of snowmaking in progress along with some sublimation and a beautiful sunrise,” Aldrich said. “Every now and then I like to show the occasional groomer or sled in the photo. These make up my favorite pieces and are the ones on display in the gallery.”

While he doesn’t currently have a website showcasing his work (one is in the works so people will soon be able to purchase prints online), Dan’s talents have allowed him to work with HKD, which is Holiday Valley’s automated snow gun supplier, to shoot the automation process, which the Valley has used for marketing purposes.  SUP On The Fly has also used Aldrich’s skills to help showcase their inflatable paddleboards.

While Aldrich loves taking his aerial photos, please keep in mind that people are not just allowed to go and fly at Holiday Valley.  Dan is able to do what he does because of a lot of hard work and detailed planning.  FAA Drone Certification is no easy process and once he passed that test, he still had to work with Holiday Valley for permission to fly in its airspace, which required a detailed flight plan for each flight that includes a take-off and landing route. He also needs drone flight insurance. Aldrich is happy to jump through the necessary hoops because according to him, “it’s worth the great photos.”



Ann Parker was hooked on capturing light the second she walked into her high school Photography 1 class in 1977.  Something about the process of shooting with a 35 mm camera and working to bring the photographs to life in the dark room spoke to Parker and put her on a path towards a creative career that allows for self-expression and continued personal growth.

Some of that self-expression can be seen in her newest project, “Transfigurations”, which according to Parker, “entails using elements from nature and manmade objects to produce an abstract photograph. The photos are multi-layered with a flower petal and leaves, beams and whorls of light, waves and ripples of water. The final product is multi-dimensional with blocks of color which gives the pieces energy and movement.

Staying true to her roots is important to Parker and it translates in her photography.  “In addition to new lenses on my cameras, I like to photograph scenes using vintage lenses manufactured from the 1960’s through the 1980’s,” Parker stated.  “A whole different world is opened up using the vintage lenses.  Everything is done manually; focus, f-stop, shutter speed.  Some of the images are almost dream-like in quality.”

Parker had done a showing at Gallery 14731 when it originally opened and when she was asked to show again, she jumped at the chance because she liked the local setting in a resort town that gets a lot of out of town traffic.  The recent show allowed her to display one of her perennial favorites, “Metamorphosis.”  According to Parker, “It has been shown in many juried exhibits, and is currently on tour with the Royal Photographic Society in the UK. I shot it through a window, as water droplets were forming into ice crystals on a frigid day in January a few years ago.  Talk about being at the right place at the right time!”

Looking towards the future, Parker is very excited about an upcoming show at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens in March 2018.  The series is called “Florescence” and focuses on garden flowers, leaves and wildflowers.  Using her collection of vintage lenses, Parker will produce a final product that resembles watercolors.

You can find examples of Parker’s art at or go and visit Gallery 14731 now and see it for yourself in person.


Ann Parker and Dan Aldrich are just two of the many talented artists that are being showcased inside Gallery 14731.  Stop by 14 Washington Street, downtown Ellicottville, to see the full lineup and make sure to like the gallery on Facebook (