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Your Ticket to Freshy

The Weekday Experience Pass at HoliMont

You know it’s going to snow and there will be some epic days for skiing this season. Where are you going to spend those cherished days?

Time spent at HoliMont is like a mini-vacation every weekend. And most of all, it’s quality time spent with your family and friends. Whether you are new to skiing or a seasoned pro, you’ll love the quality of snow and impeccable grooming.



Statistically, many powder days happen while you’re at work. There’s nothing worse than looking out your office window watching it dump snow. Stop daydreaming about first tracks and go get them! For just $250 you can treat yourself to 10 weekday lift tickets to HoliMont. Find out why a freshy morning on Greer has instigated more “call in sick” days than the flu. Call or go online to purchase your Weekday Experience Pass before November 12th to get the best deal of the season. 

After your day of skiing and boarding, we recommend you take advantage of some of the new improvements made at The Mont during the off-season.  If you have enough gas in the tank, check out the newly graded and widened cross-country trail.  Snowshoeing and XC skiing are great ways to cap off the day or take a break from the slopes.  Cozy up in the new lean-to with friends and family for an outdoor experience beyond compare.  The new multi-purpose trail is open to the public and is great for snowshoes, cross-country skis and fat bikes.



If you’re a Member at HoliMont (North America’s largest private ski club), you know that it is an experience that can be tough to put into words because it really is just that - an incredible winter experience.  Any time throughout the season you can hit the slopes and set your edge on our pristinely groomed corduroy and carve down one of HoliMont’s 52 slopes.  But as with most things in life, picturing it doesn’t do it justice. Now is the time to check out the Discover HoliMont program. For about the cost of a full season’s pass, you and your family can try the club for 4 months of skiing. For more information on how affordable a season at HoliMont can be, please go online to or call our office at 716-699-2320.