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Larry the Cable Guy returns to Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino
I had the chance to talk with the hilarious Larry the Cable Guy, who will be performing two shows on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino. To say it was the funniest conversation I’ve ever had is an understatement. Larry has been in the business now for over 25 years and shows no signs of slowing down.
With all that is going on around the world, this year, more than ever, would be the time to make plans to catch one of this funny man’s shows. “You have to have laughter in your life … you need that break,” the comedian said.
Trust me … you will laugh out loud … I’ve seen his show a couple of times through the years and have always come out feeling like I was just at a “laugh fest” - sore stomach and all.
Family is very important to him and he speaks of his family with tremendous love; yet he still injected that “Larry” humor when he spoke of his daughter Reagan (named after his favorite President by the way), saying she was nine years old … “Wait,” said the comedian - “Let me check her Facebook.”
Asking him his thoughts on his amazing career, he reflected, “It’s been awesome! I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve gone and done things I didn’t even think I would ever do. I’m thankful for it, and believe me I don’t take any of it for granted. If it all ended tomorrow I’d be completely happy.” He added, “People ask me if there is anything else I want to do and I got to be honest … no there isn’t. I just want to be a good dad and raise my kids.”
For ticket information visit www.senecacasinos.com and click on Seneca Allegany. To learn more about Larry visit www.larrythecableguy.com.
MELANIE: We are so excited that you will be doing two shows at the Seneca Allegany Casino Event Center.
LARRY: I’ll tell you what … it’s gonna be fun! I always look forward to it every time I get out on a stage. And I’m not just blowing smoke. Stand-up’s my favorite thing over everything else I do. It explains why comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno continue to tour year after year. There’s nothing like stand-up.
MELANIE: How many shows do you typically do in a year?
LARRY: 433,000. I do four shows a night … no, typically I do 140 to 160.
MELANIE: Let’s talk about your catch phrase, “Git-R-Done”.
LARRY: Git-R-Done!
MELANIE: Was that something you came up with or something you always said and incorporated into your act?
LARRY: It’s something I’ve been saying since I was a kid. How it came about as part of my act though was when I was doing a radio station show in Tampa once a week and I had to sign off and so I just popped out Git-R-Done. The next thing you know people started saying it. The show then went to two days a week, then three days a week and it was getting pretty popular. The radio station was in Tampa but it was syndicated in Orlando. I knew I was onto something when I went to Orlando to a comedy club or something and I went into this record store, back when they had record stores, and some guy was walking out of the store and I heard him yell to the clerk “Git-R-Done” and the clerk yelled back “Git-R-Done”. So I said to the guy, “Hey, that Git-R-Done you just said, where did you hear that?” And he goes, “Oh, man … this guy on a radio station says ‘Git-R-Done’ every time he signs off from doing social commentary. His name is Larry the Cable Guy.” So I say, “Dude, that’s me … I’m Larry the Cable Guy!” He says, “No you’re not … shut up!” So I say, “Yeah I am … listen.” So I do my best “Git-R-Done” and he says, “That’s not even close!” (laughs)
MELANIE: (laughs) Oh no!
LARRY: So that’s when I got it copyrighted and made T-shirts, because when people are in record stores yelling it, you know that’s your next step.
MELANIE: You’ve been in the business for over twenty five years now.
LARRY: Yeah, I went to do professional stand-up in May of 1988. I officially still haven’t quit my job as a Bellman at the Hyatt Regency. I just took a leave of absence and never went back.
MELANIE: (laughs) Who cracks you up?
LARRY: My wife is hilarious … but as far as growing up I would say I was a big fan of vaudeville and old time comedy; that was my influence. I loved Charlie Callas, Henny Youngman, Phyllis Diller, Milton Berle, and Bob Hope. I’m a fan of quick, short jokes, the rim shots, the stupid stuff. I love Steve Martin and Howie Mandel. My three favorite sitcoms growing up were the original “Bob Newhart Show”, “Mary Tyler Moore” and “All in the Family”. But I would say my all time favorite at this point would be “Seinfeld”. Now as far as stand-up comedy goes it is Jeff Foxworthy. I think he is the king. His first two albums are the funniest albums of all time. I love Nick DiPaolo - I think he is hilarious and a guy named Dom Irrera and Colin Quinn.
MELANIE: Do you write your stand-up routines or is it more of an off-the-cuff type of thing when you are on stage?
LARRY: A lot of it I write, but I’ll say about a third of it is off-the-cuff. When you’re on stage and you’re doing jokes and you’re on a roll it’s almost like you’re just hanging out with a group of 10 people at a bar and you get on a roll just talking to someone. When you’re on stage you think of tags - another one liner played off of another. There’s no better example of that than the Viagra joke I wrote about my wife’s grandpa overdosing on Viagra and his coffin had a sun roof. Then boom … right after that I thought of … “I guess they had to bury him eight feet under!”  (laughs)
MELANIE: (laughs) What’s the funniest one-liner you’ve heard someone else say?
LARRY: Oh, my gosh. Well let me give you one you can print and I’ll tell you one you can’t print off the record. It was a Nick DiPaolo line. When the Pope, John Paul II, passed away he said, “Yeah you never saw that coming … the guy had the posture of a jumbo shrimp for the past twenty years!” (laughs)
MELANIE: (laughs) Larry, this has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had doing an interview. Before you go, do you want to say something to our readers?
LARRY: Tell them they are awesome fans and I can’t wait to perform for them! Git-R-Done!