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Welcome to the 56th winter season at HoliMont

HOLIMONT - While some may mumble and swear under their breaths about the snow and return of winter, there are plenty of us that wait and chomp at the bit for the first chance to slide on frozen, fluffy white stuff.

This Friday, December 15, 2017 at 9:30am, the lifts at HoliMont will start to turn for their 56th winter season. The crew at the ‘Mont has been busy getting ready for start-up, of what looks to be a super snowy December. HoliMont is poised to assist Mother Nature with 100% snowmaking on 52 trails. New tower locations, air and water lines and controls have been added to HoliMont’s already robust snowmaking system to ensure the absolute best coverage possible. Natural springs and seeps that normally wreak havoc on snowpack have been re-directed and graded to remove wet areas that melt the base from the bottom up.

While we may not have a completely automated system, technology has graced the slopes in a different way. HoliMont hired local experts from Calspan to create a 3D GPS model of the entire property. This GPS data will be used by our groomers and snowmakers to know how deep the snow is in each location. The goal is to have an even and consistent layer of snow and base on every slope.

HoliMont is a private ski club that is open to the public Monday through Friday excluding Christmas week. Right now, there are huge savings on membership though our Discover HoliMont program. An entire family can experience a preview membership at HoliMont for as little as $936. Call the office or go online for more information: 716-699-2320 or www.discoverholimont.com.