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Legacy Portraits

Behind the lens with KP McClard Photography

Since the evolution of cameras on smart phones, you can easily be desensitized to what you are doing with a photo - freezing time. That is what Kathleen Prosperi-McClard is looking to remind us of. Specializing in generational portraits, Kathleen is looking to expand her reach as a photographer.

“It is very unique my process; I want my clients’ vision for their session to be realized.” 

Aiming to reach new clients who are visiting our great area for a family reunion or vacation, she wants them to be able to have a piece of art; not just a photo Uncle Joe set the timer on then ran to the group and said, “Say Cheese!” Speaking with Kathleen, you get the sense that a session with her is more of an experience than anything.

“I want my clients to enjoy the process from the initial conversation to the session to the big reveal.” I asked Kathleen what “the big reveal” was. Immediately after or up to a few days after the session (depending on the length of your stay), she looks to meet again with the client to show them all the portraits she took. Not only can she show you varying sizes, but she can show you what it would look like on your wall. “If you were to send me a picture of the wall you wanted to decorate with your family portraits, I can take the photos from the shoot and arrange them to best accent the wall.” 

This is a talent Kathleen brings to the table that few others do … her eye for design.  

She is a full-service photographer and will “hold your hand” through the process. “My work is an investment. I want it to be something you pass down for generations.” She can even create painted wall paintings and special tabletop art.”

I asked Kathleen where she found her love of photography. Her response: “My father. He discovered a love for manual photography later in life and I am grateful to carry on his passion as my career.” This must be where her love of generation portraits comes into play. “It is amazing to be able to freeze time for a session where there are three to five generations in it.  Knowing this is something they will cherish forever.”

Of course, Kathleen also shoots portraits, events, and weddings as she is multi-faceted in her skills. Although based out of Kane, Pennsylvania, Kathleen is happy to travel far and wide for her clients. “Because I am from a small town, I do need to travel and work harder than, say, a photographer in a large city, but that is what makes it even more enjoyable - making high quality portraits accessible to so many more people.”

Kathleen has travelled all over our great world - from Dubai to Italy to India - bringing a new perspective home to her work every time. Kathleen is looking forward to expanding her network of clients due to the draw of the Ellicottville area and its many vacationers. You can check out more of her work on her website at www.kpmcclardphotography.com or give her a call at 814-558-5792 to schedule your one-of-a-kind session.