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Boardroom Banked Slalom

Sunday, March 4 | Independence slope

Sunday, March 4 is a day to celebrate snowboarding. The 1st Annual Boardroom Banked, presented by The Boardroom Snowboard Shop, is a banked slalom that pits riders across 4 divisions against each other. Going down on Holiday Valley’s Independence run, the Banked looks to become an annual staple in Ellicottville's event schedule. 

“The concept came from a lack of snowboard-specific events in the area,” said The Boardroom’s Spencer Timkey. “We wanted to have an event that would cater to snowboarding. And while rail jams and park events are awesome, we also wanted to do something that everyone could compete in. A banked slalom was the answer.” 

Looking at the success of banked slaloms like Mt. Baker’s Legendary Banked Slalom and Darkside’s (of Killington) Slash and Berm, The Boardroom knew they could create something similar. 

“There’s such a strong contingent of snowboarding in our area, and sometimes it gets overlooked,” Timkey said. “We want the Banked to pull riders from all over - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, even as far as Vermont or the Poconos. We’re trying to make this an East Coast heavy, where riders know the name and want to come out and compete.” 

The Banked offers 4 divisions: Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Grom and OG (Original Gangster, or 35 and older). The run will begin at the top of Independence, winding down before the finish at the bottom of Yodeler. A party on the Champagne Sundeck will welcome athletes and spectators, complete with DJ Tyler Swift and DJ Obi One-Two. 

“This isn’t just a competitive event ... it’s a day to celebrate snowboarding,” Timkey said. “We might be most excited to see the groms (laughs). There are so many young kids here that can really rip, so we’re pretty stoked to see smiles plastered on their faces. Another great thing is that a portion of the proceeds are going to the Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program, which is an unbelievable (and really overlooked) aspect at the resort.” 

The Boardroom Banked is proudly presented by The Boardroom, Holiday Valley, Burton MidAtlantic, Mervin MidAtlantic and Red Bull. A pre-registration party will take place at The Depot Saturday night. For more information and tickets, head to or