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bfloGALS at Ameri-Can

Wear your Buffalo roots on your sleeve (or wrist, actually)

For Western New York resident Christine Wittmann, it was a priority to find a work/life balance that would allow her to spend more time in Ellicottville with her kids who are on the freestyle team and her husband who became a ski patroller at Holiday Valley. When her jewelry “hobby” expanded and began to feature more and more pieces with buffalo nickels, Christine left her industrial sales and marketing job and turned her passion for jewelry making into her own brand, bfloGALS.

“bfloGALS are women who wear their Buffalo roots on their sleeve (or wrist, actually), and women who embrace the rocky mountain/Sundance/Aspen look,” Christine said. Her unique hand-crafted line features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, and more, and is featured locally in Ellicottville at Ameri-Can.

Ameri-Can was Christine's best retailer in 2017. “When Liz Boberg opened the store, I jumped at the chance to feature my jewelry there because Ellicottville is such a big part of my life. In fact, Liz and I worked together on the EVL wax seal design that coordinates with my bfloGALS wax seal charm; we were thrilled with the results,” she said.

The unique look of bfloGALS jewelry sets it apart from other pieces on the retail countertop by not only incorporating the use of Buffalo nickels and enameled pennies, but also by using other intricate charms and materials that carry a distinct look. For example, the Lake Effect Necklace is a double strand black leather necklace, which sports a tierracast pewter snowflake charm, a German crystal snowflake, and the bfloGALS exclusive buffalo charm.

There's sure to be something that fits every bfloGAL's personality in the bracelet category.  Bands are comprised of leather, nickels, and cords, and trimmed with several charms, beads, and a variety of crystals. Several bfloGALS bracelets can be worn at the same time to create a stacking effect.

In addition to necklaces and bracelets, bfloGALS creates earrings and branded hats, and offers do-it-yourself components of buffalo nickel buttons and pewter buffalo charms. In fact, one of Christine's long-term goals is to set up the commercial line as sub-assembled parts that women who are looking for flexible work hours can do from home.

“I am grateful every day that I have this opportunity to find my balance, and I want to build something that will help others find theirs as well,” she said. Christine conceives, designs, sources, produces, and markets almost all of her designs herself, with the help of her niece, daughter, and a few others. Due to this dynamic team, bfloGALS can easily fulfill large orders within a week or two.

In addition to Ameri-Can, her line can be found at the Blue Rooster in Hamburg, Buffalo Gallery & Gift (several locations including in the Eastern Hills Mall), Pink Martini on Grand Island, Thin Ice on Elmwood in Buffalo, BonTon, and Village ARTisan on Main Street in Williamsville. Several of her more popular designs are offered at wholesale, and exclusive designs can be created for house branding.

In the future, Wittmann plans to teach jewelry classes again, and is currently working on a jewelry making party idea, similar to the ever-popular paint parties. To learn more about bfloGALS, visit them on the web at or swing by Ameri-Can the next time you’re in Ellicottville!