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Ellicottville ski shops transition from winter to summer

Change is inevitable.  A prime component of the cycle of life, we all must adapt to change.  Embrace it or get left behind. This past winter has been a rollercoaster of changes.  Subzero temps and snow one day, rain and 55 degrees a few days later.  Climate change is not a popular topic amongst those of us who love winter.  If it were up to us, every Monday through Friday throughout the winter months would bring a steady four to eight inches of snow, and Saturdays and Sundays would be sunny, bluebird days.  (It doesn’t seem like too much to ask for.)  Alas, that’s not reality and we are left with unpredictable changes that we must adapt to.  HoliMont and Holiday Valley have been adapting to change and making the best out of winter for their guests … (and they’ve done an amazing job - as always!)

It goes without saying that change affects the ski and snowboard shops in Ellicottville on a regular basis.  It’s tough to sell outerwear designed for single digit temperatures when it’s forty degrees outside.  And it’s equally difficult to sell boards made for powder if it’s raining, which brings us to the next topic - the annual end of the season sale period.

Now is the time to save and find some great deals on outerwear and hard goods.  Get ready for the 2018/19 season when you buy and save now because your window of opportunity is short.  Some of your beloved local shops will soon be transitioning over to summertime products.  Others will close down for the off-season.  And one shop staple will turn the lights off for the final time; marking the end of an era in Ellicottville.

Here we go, in ABC order …



The Boardroom closes down for the summer so you’ve got limited time to get some great deals.  According to Spencer Timkey, the shop plans to stay open through the end of March, and even into April as long as Holiday Valley and HoliMont are still running lifts.  Their end-of-season sale is taking place right now!  All hard goods (excluding Burton Step-Ons) are now 20% off and you’ll find at least 20% off most other items in the shop.  They are also converting the helmet/goggle room to a “super sale” room where you’ll be able to find items at a 70% discount.  That’s not a deal.  That’s a legit steal!

While they are not on sale, Timkey says that the Burton Step-On binding system has been a top seller in the shop this season.  As of the time of this printing, the shop has one men’s setup left and a handful of women’s setups … so ladies, if you need new boots and bindings for your deck, go and check this new tech out.  It’s a snowboarding game-changer.

Every summer, The Boardroom goes through some sort of summertime upgrade, and this summer will be no different.  Timkey reports that they will focus on creating some more build-outs that put more emphasis on products.  They will also reconfigure the shop a bit to freshen up the look for next winter.  And when that work isn’t going on, you can find the family out on the golf course and spending time with the newest member of their crew, Samantha’s son, Hayes.    



As is custom, the shop will stay open throughout the summer season and will be the spot to hang out and talk all things hiking and outdoor adventure.  As the weather starts to warm up, The City Garage transitions over from skis and boots to camping gear, hammocks and YETI coolers.  Known as the number one premium cooler brand in the world, YETI coolers are often referred to as the cooler “built for going toe-to-toe with hungry grizzlies.”  In all seriousness, these coolers and their array of products are a must-have for hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, and even the “high tech redneck,” Sean, owner of The City Garage, affectionately revealed.

The City Garage also stocks a fantastic selection of summer sandles, running shoes, hiking boots and accessories.  Footwear from Salomon, Birkenstock, and Keen have been the shop’s mainstays for years. And if you want to talk glamping ... The C.G. can supply you with style and comfort.

If you’ve ever shopped The City Garage in the winter, you know just how knowledgeable and dedicated the staff is. That attention to detail and customer service is the same in the summer.



As you may have heard by now, it’s the end of an era in Ellicottville.  Greg Dekdebrun and his family have decided to close the shop after 57 years of business.  The shop opened in 1961 and has been helping people have fun ever since.

As you can imagine, everything is now on sale and must go, so go check out what they have to offer and expect to find some very aggressive discounts on your favorite gear like parajumpers, high end goggles, helmets, and all skis.

Here is a message from Greg and Patti to all their friends and customers:


        To our valued customers,

     We have decided to finally retire and will be closing Dekdebruns Snow Sports at the end of this ski season.  The decision to close the shop was a difficult one as it has been in our family for over 50 years.  It has been a great ride through those years, some when there hasn’t been any snow and some when it just didn’t stop snowing - we have seen them all.

     The business has been fortunate to have, and have had, some of the best employees in the industry and we are proud of all the people who have worked with us over the years.

     We want to thank you, our customers, for your continued support over the past many years.  We value your trust in us and are glad to count so many of you as friends.

      February 23rd started our Store Closing Sale and it will continue until our entire inventory is gone. Stop in for some fantastic bargains and say farewell to us and our fantastic staff.


- Greg and Patti Dekdebrun



MSG will remain open through mid-April; its annual winter sale has already started and will get more aggressive mid-March when the end-of-season clearance sale begins. (Stay tuned to their website mudsweatgears.com for more details.)

Once the shop shuts down, the sales focus will shift to skiyard.com, where longtime staff member Nick Sciara has been holding down the fort for the past three years and oversees three employees to ensure that the site is up-to-date, working fluidly, and most importantly - getting orders shipped fast!

“We work very hard to process all our orders within 24 hours,” said Sciara.  “If an order comes in before our daily FedEx pickup, we do our best to get it boxed up and shipped out that day.”

The website was a game changer for Mud, Sweat n’ Gears.  It essentially meant that the shop was open 24/7 and had a worldwide reach.  It also meant that more inventory had to be ordered and kept in the shop, which ultimately benefited the customers coming into the Ellicottville store.

The world of e-commerce has also expanded the reach of the shop and allowed it to go international.  “We ship to Australia, New Zealand, and Chile regularly in the warmer months,” Sciara stated.  “We also spend time managing inventory and tweaking the website so that everything runs smoothly when things ramp up in the fall.”

Just in case you are wondering what kind of gear you can find deals on in the shop right now, Sciara gave this rundown of popular items:

  • Frameless goggles, mostly with interchangeable lenses 
  • Super cute, high activity base layers for women
  • Nordica Enforcers, Black Crows and Head skis
  • All ski boots
  • Marker Griffon, Head Attack 13, Look Pivot Bindings
  • Big Truck Brand Limited Edition Mikaela Shiffrin hats
  • Anything from Ski The East … stickers, hats, apparel
  • Ellicottville Branded beanies, hats and apparel
  • Hotronic Heated Socks
  • USA themed merchandise