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FLITE Cup returns home

After 5 years, the FLITE Cup makes its way back to HoliMont

The FLITE Cup returns home to HoliMont after a five-year hiatus! 

To determine the winning team, podium place points were added up in each age group for the combined two-day mogul event.  Last year Buffalo Ski Club claimed the Cup, and prior years it was Holiday Valley and Bristol Mountain. 

The HoliMont FLITE Team had many new faces competing for the first time this season, including Bobby Berglund, John Dunn, Cayden Hacker, Brody Closs, Kylie Wells, Colby Wells, Elliott Manley and Connor Fitzgerald.  Brandon Crotty and Sasha MacGregor received age group awards as well as overall podiums.  Others that contributed to the FLITE Cup title receiving podiums in their age group include: Abby Hayes-Vickers, Kylee Hacker, Kylie Wells, Lizzy Keefe, Vincent Difrancesco, Elliot Manley, Kam McNamara and Cayden Hacker.

Well done FLITE Team!