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Dekdebrun Unveils the Apex Ski

Now in Production; available mid-December

Greg Dekdebrun is bringing something new to the busy thoroughfare, where his Dekdebruns Apex Store is located. True, Dekdebrun's business is not new to Washington Street, but he has taken on a new challenge there. “When I decided to basically downsize the business, I still wanted to be involved in the ski industry,” Dekdebrun explained. “So I decided to continue with the Apex ski boots and the idea came to me to design an Apex ski.”

Now in his 16th year in his current location of 18 Washington Street, Upper, Dekdebrun gained a strong following when he started carrying the unique Apex ski boots. “Apex boots have been around for 13 years,” Dekdebrun explained.  “I was the first dealer for Apex ski boots 13 years ago, and I am currently the third largest dealer in the U.S. for them.”

Many compare the Apex ski boot to that of a snowboarder’s boot, in terms of both design and comfort. While traditional ski boots are stiff, uncomfortable and difficult to walk around in, Apex ski boots are designed with comfort in mind with “medial support that is firm, consistent and very responsive” and a chassis that is open in front for easy entry.

According to Dekdebrun, “Apex ski boots are noted for being warm, comfortable, convenient and they perform!” He went on to explain the boots' signature three-part system. “The inner boot is the heat-moldable part. Then they have what's called a walking boot, and that is what looks like a snowboarding boot. You can walk around in that. And then that goes into what they call a chassis, and the chassis is where the performance comes from.”

Dekdebrun went on to explain that the heat-moldable liners are one of the primary features that set the boot apart from others on the market. “They can be reheated multiple times, and even with a used boot, you can end up with a custom fit,” Dekdebrun said. His business also takes ski boots on trade, so customers will find that even a used Apex ski boot is still a great option because of the heat-moldable liners.

Inspired by the great products he was already carrying in the Apex ski boots, Dekdebrun  decided to branch out and design skis that would coordinate with both the men's and women's boots. “There is a company in Utah called Goode, and they make a carbon-fiber ski, which is what I'm using,” Dekdebrun explained. He then began working with a local graphic designer, Greg Culver, to design the graphics for the men's and women's skis.

“What sets them apart from other skis is the fact that they're a carbon ski,” Dekdebrun continued. “That makes them very lightweight, yet strong because of the carbon. Basically, I designed them so that the  men's graphics match the men's Apex boots, and the women's graphics match the women's Apex boots. And then I bought bindings that would color coordinate with the skis and boots.”

There are two women's models and two men's models in the new skis that will be available beginning in December. “I will have demos available in the new skis, and I have demos available in the Apex ski boots,” Dekdebrun said. “I am also selling accessories like boot bags and ski bags from a company called Kulkea, and socks, bindings for the skis and boot warmers. I'm still doing custom foot beds, like I've done for years. And I'm carrying Leki poles!”

Dekdebrun's business has been a part of the Ellicottville community for many years, and he is looking forward to a snowy season. “I was born and raised in Buffalo. Basically, I'm a second generation in the business,” Dekdebrun explained. “My dad opened his first store in 1946 in Buffalo, but he opened the store down here in 1962. We've been all over the place in Ellicottville, but this is the 16th year in our location.”

Dekdebruns Apex Store's hours have changed since Dekdebrun has entered semi-retirement. “I am working mainly by appointments now,” he said. “People can go to my website,, and there is a tab there for making an appointment. You can also call the store at 716-699-1140.”