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Gallery 14731: Art Meets Yoga

Yoga at the Gallery Debuts This Month

At their purest forms, art and yoga soothe the soul. Whether it’s finding yourself mesmerized by an aerial photo of the sun coming up or connecting the mind and body with yoga, these are things that can help take the stress of everyday life away. Emily Hettrick, owner of Gallery 14731 in downtown Ellicottville, and Sarah Tobias, a Human Resources rep at a Buffalo-area physician’s group, are here to bring you a stellar combination of art and yoga. 

Yoga at the Gallery, a pop-up yoga class, will take place throughout the winter at Gallery 14731. Led by Tobias with the blessing of Hettrick, Yoga at the Gallery aims to bring new people into the gallery and showcase the benefits of yoga. They’re hosting an open house on Friday, December 28th to give people more information and introduce themselves. 

“My yoga practice started in college and was something I gravitated towards for years,” Tobias said. “It wasn’t until my senior year that I began a regular practice. I went to my first yoga training in August of 2015 and began teaching a few months after that.” 

Tobias teaches Baptiste style yoga, which is power yoga vinyasa flow. Ultimately, the goal is to find the connection between your mind and body, and to give you space to gain some clarity. As in, don’t think about your day or your thoughts - just let them go for awhile. 

“I teach about four times a week at Power Yoga Buffalo and at HARBORCENTER, and practice yoga about 5 times a week. Yoga at the Gallery is something I am super excited about. I’m a ski patroller at HoliMont, and my family and I spend basically every weekend in Ellicottville. We love the village, the people and really just being here. I thought what a great idea it would be to share my love for yoga in a place I also love so much.”

Tobias and Hettrick have known each other for quite some time now, so the collaboration made sense. After Hettrick completed her studies in museum studies and arts administration, she opened the gallery in 2015. Since opening, she’s done a fantastic job of curating what’s in her gallery, whether it be Dan Aldrich’s aerial drone photography or Peter Fowler’s Buffalo-inspired paintings. 

“We’re getting artist work from all over the country, and we’ve really been focusing on handmade and unique holiday gift ideas like home decor, jewelry and bath goods,” Hettrick said. “Things are going great. We’re so excited to start Yoga at the Gallery.” 

The girls will start with one class a week (most likely on weekend mornings). The beauty of yoga is that everyone can participate, and Tobias is encouraging both new and seasoned to come check it out. 

“There are modifications to every pose which I will assist you with,” Tobias said. “All you need is a mat and some water. I came to Ellicottville over the summer to teach bachelorette parties yoga, so I would love to continue to teach down here.” 

Yoga at the Gallery will begin over the Christmas/Near Year’s break at Ellicottville’s Gallery 14731, located at 14 Washington, downtown Ellicottville. Check out their Open House on Friday, December 28th from 6-8pm starting with an introduction, followed by light refreshments and a shopping hour. You can find more information including hours, pricing and more on Facebook (Yoga at the Gallery), Instagram (@yogaatthegallery) or by emailing Sarah at