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"Look What The Cat Dragged In"

Bret Michaels Is Bringing the Party To Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino

Singer/songwriter Bret Michaels, lead singer of the band Poison, is coming to warm up a cold WNY night when he brings his solo tour to Seneca Allegany Casino’s Event Center on Saturday, January 19, 2019 for one show only.

Michaels is one of the most renowned rockers around the world, selling out venues with the band Poison as well as on his solo tours.

Starting with their debut album, “Look What The Cat Dragged In”, Poison has released 19 albums through the years that garnered singles like “Talk Dirty To Me”, Nothin’ But A Good Time”, “Something To Believe In”, along with one of the best power ballads in music history, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”.

Michaels has also made a huge name for himself as a solo artist releasing his debut album, “A Letter From Death Row”, in the summer of 1998 and went on to release another 8 albums that produced hit songs like “Girls On Bars”, “I’d Die For You”, “Nothing To Lose” (a duet with Miley Cyrus) and “A Letter From Death Row” which sealed his mark in the industry as significant.

Showing his love for his two daughters he penned a song for each, “Raine” and “Jorja Bleu”, which gives a different insight of the famous rocker.

Writing music and singing is not the only talents Michaels has … he is a screenplay writer, an actor, director and producer, which he proved by writing the screenplay for the movie he would also star in with the title of his debut album, “A Letter From Death Row”.

SNOWED-IN caught up with the multi-talented artist recently and we talked about how his health has led him to be a vital part of raising money and attention for multiple causes including diabetes, his success as the lead vocalist of Poison and his success as a solo artist, which he describes as allowing him to be a more intimate storyteller to the audience.

The singer has not been without many health scares throughout his life starting at the age of 6 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which he publicly admitted he suffered from after he went into insulin shock and collapsed on stage during a Madison Square Garden concert with his band Poison, when he had not eaten after taking his insulin due to nerves about performing at such an iconic venue.

Today Michaels splits his time on tour between his band and his solo music life. Don’t look for this rock icon to slow down any time soon. “I am always working on something,” said the singer. His latest venture includes a new single he wrote with someone very special to him, that you can read about in the following conversation, along with a message to his fans about his upcoming solo performance at Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino.

Tickets for Bret Michaels’ Jan. 19th performance can be purchased through (click on Seneca Allegany) or directly through For more information on the artist himself, visit


HULICK: You are a singer/songwriter, actor, director, producer, writer of screenplays. Do you prefer one over the other?

MICHAELS: To me it’s all under one big umbrella of being creative. Especially these days, we are not just singers, or TV stars, or even athletes… it is all part of being an entertainer. And to take that to another level, it’s part of making people happy and making their days better, I love doing it all.

HULICK:  You’ve not only had major success with the band Poison, you have a solo career with as much success. What are you most proud of with each?

MICHAELS: Well obviously I’m proud of Poison because we were four broke kids from the street living in a warehouse and managed to beat the odds, and here we still are today playing arenas and amphitheaters. We managed to touch an entire generation of music fans in a way that seems to have lasted several decades. As a solo artist I’m proud that I’m able to bridge the gap. Sometimes it’s hard for someone to maintain both a band and solo career. I get to go out as a solo artist and become more of an intimate story teller and connect with the crowd on a much more personal level… and I’ve gotten to do some amazing things like VH1’s number one show Rock of Love, and winning the highest rated season of Celebrity Apprentice. It’s been an amazing ride so far.  I’m just proud of all I’ve been fortunate enough to do.

HULICK: After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 6 your whole world changed. Now you are a voice and face of the disease, helping so many people to accept the diagnosis and at the same time showing that they shouldn’t worry about the stigma commonly associated with the disease. There are a lot of people, adults and children, who look at you as a hero. What does that mean to you?

MICHAELS: It’s an incredible honor to be recognized as you described. It gives me chills just hearing it like that. I’m so grateful that I have been able to become a voice of inspiration to diabetics both kids and adults. If there was one thing that I could be remembered for it would certainly be to inspire people to beat the odds and never let adversity stand in the way of their hopes and dreams. Obviously, I fight for diabetes, but I think that the message is so universal, no matter what you think is standing in your way. Stay positive and don’t let the world get you down.

HULICK: Your charity work is extensive and important. You need to be commended for that. Where can people go to join in your efforts?

MICHAELS: Thank you so much. I’m very proud of what the LIFE ROCKS foundation has done. People can help directly at our shows. You can purchase the items we auction off every night, sometimes it’s my hat that I wore that night, or one of my guitars, or a bandana, and that money goes right into the foundation and right back out to help people. It’s a Dollar in Dollar out situation, there are no expenses, no payroll, no employees, so every dollar is for the cause. You can also go to and make donations. 

HULICK: Who do you listen to today?

MICHAELS: I listen to everything. I love Modern Pop and Country as well as Rock. And I’m such a beat and groove guy… that’s why I love hip hop and R&B… they really push the limits with grooves and are always the first to try new things with drum beats. I have always loved country and the modern stuff is amazing. The stories in the songs are so relatable and are really the last art form left that is telling the tale of America and painting the picture of the country we live in. And a good pop song is just that, a good Pop song. Right now I really love Sean Mendez. His stuff is catchy and big with a real emotional vocal. I really just like good songs.

HULICK: Are you working on any projects now?

MICHAELS: I am always working on something. I have a mobile recording studio and video production rig with me all the time. So even if I’m in the air I can demo or create new ideas. I have some great stuff both musically and with TV coming in the next year. One is my new song, “Unbroken”, that I have written with my daughter Jorja. I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. I truly believe it’s a message that everyone in the world can relate to these days. 

HULICK: If you had to summarize your career with one of your song titles, which would it be?

MICHAELS: Oh… without a doubt “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”… and that’s not to say that I don’t think my whole life has not been amazing. What I mean, for example, is I am at the peak of Rock of Love when my appendix bursts moments before I take the stage to a sold out amphitheater in Texas. Or, I win the Celebrity Apprentice and then have my brain hemorrhage. God has an amazing way of leveling me out.

HULICK: Which one for your personal life?

MICHAELS: I would have to say the same thing for the same reasons… “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. 

HULICK: Do you have a message to your fans that are coming to your Seneca Allegany Casino show on Saturday, January 19th, 2019?

MICHAELS: Yes I do! Get ready; I’m coming to throw you a party you will never forget! We are pulling it all out… great music, great show, great people. I can’t wait! I’ll see you all there!