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Those Are Our Slopes!

Greer, Early Bird and Twisty Christy are the HoliMont slopes that create the epic backdrop of Ellicottville. Next time you come to town, take a look up and see some of the oldest runs in the area. Better yet, get yourself a lift ticket and catch one of the best views of town from the top.

21 Gun Salute: HoliMont received its order of 21 new Super Pole Cat snow guns from SMI Snowmakers this fall. The new guns are being installed in permanent locations around the area so our crew can spend more time making snow and less time moving equipment. The additional guns increase our snowmaking capacity by 23%!

HoliMont Snowsports School: The snowsports programs at HoliMont are fantastic! No matter what your age or ability, we have an instructor for you. Weekday lessons are great for beginner skiers looking to learn in “private.” Your instructor will work with you to build up your confidence and give you the skills and techniques that will get your turns noticed. Maybe you’re looking to try something new like telemark skiing or snowboarding? The Gear-Up rental shop at HoliMont has everything you need for your next snow sliding adventure.

Membership: HoliMont membership is a special thing. The culture at HoliMont is one of family, friendship and yes skiing and snowboarding. Lifelong friendships have been cultivated on the slopes at HoliMont. Check out our trial program that allows you to be a full member for one whole season. Chances are, you’ll never leave. Call the office or go online for more information.

Ski Monday through Friday: HoliMont is North America’s largest private ski area ... but, we are open to the public Monday - Friday. Come experience a premium snow surface with zero lift lines. Catch a case of the powder flu on a Tuesday. Your co-workers will be jealous of your weekday selfies from the slopes. Our Weekday Experience pass gives you 10 weekday tickets for $320.

Olympic Athlete: We are super proud of HoliMont member Tricia Mangan and her appearance in her first Olympic games last winter. The race programs at HoliMont have turned out world class skiers and snowboarders over the years. If you have a potential winter athlete in your family, maybe a race program at HoliMont is the next step in their bid for glory.