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Weed Ross Agency Opens Two New Branches

Local Insurance Agency Welcomes Growth and Continues to Give Back to the Local Community
Jaimie Woodarek

Businesses strive for healthy growth. Whether increasing revenue by a few percentage points every year or expanding regional reach, a growing business means things are good. Since Sean Cornelius took over as president of the Weed Ross Insurance Agency in 2016, a combination of savvy insurance knowledge and a loyal customer base helped to reaffirm Weed Ross as one of Ellicottville’s premier agencies. When the opportunity presented itself to grow, he jumped at it. 

“I thought there was a better way to do business,” the Ellicottville resident said. “Weed Ross Agency has formed the Weed Ross Group, now with three locations. These other insurance agencies have merged into ours, so we’ve become a stronger organization - better customer service, more insurance options, etc. - and we can service a wider range of people.” 

In addition to Ellicottville, the Weed Ross Group will have offices in Batavia and Orchard Park. Cornelius will retain the agents and workers from the old regimes, maintaining valuable relationships with current and new clientele. Now with over 10 people under the umbrella, customer service can turn from great to exceptional.

“The intra- and inter-office technology is high end, which will allow us to rapidly communicate with anyone at any of the offices,” he said. “If one of our clients needs to file a claim and it’s after work hours, the main number will have an option for them to reach an agent. It’s a strength in numbers type of thing. When there are more workers to help, it makes for a better experience.” 

Much like how a bank or hotel chain would work, the new technology deployed by Weed Ross will allow any agent to access a particular claim or file. If Sean needs to answer a question about a claim in the Batavia office, he can pull it up from the computer in Ellicottville. All of the integration eliminates miscommunication issues. 

Cornelius joined Weed Ross in 2014 as an insurance producer before taking over as president in 2016. The following year, he moved the office to their current location at 4 Monroe Street. And as of January 1st, the size of the business more than doubled thanks to the acquisitions. As HoliMont members, he’s built relationships with local and regional families. And while the agency offers most forms of insurance, their speciality is seasonal and secondary homes. 

“A lot of people don’t know that not every homeowner insurance company will allow you to insure a second home,” he said. “And when you decide to rent that second home, only a few will allow rental. You really want to know what to do when insuring a home, second home or rental property.” 

Cornelius’ dedication to the Ellicottville area reaches far beyond his business. With his two boys (Harrison and Finn) enrolled in Ellicottville Central School, he understands the importance of giving back to the community that supports him - as seen in the ardent support of summertime’s Stroll the Streets and the annual Irish Christmas. 

“The Rotary foundation events - like Tuscan Moon and Irish Christmas - are really important to us,” he said. “There’s a list of other groups and events that we love to support. My wife, Erin, is a board member for the Ellicottville Library and I’m on the Village Planning Board. We love supporting what’s going on here, because we live in the village and want to continue to help any way we can.” 

Weed Ross also offers insurance on regular homeowner’s, auto, worker’s compensation, non-profits, business and more. The agency grew out of the Weed Agency that’s had an Ellicottville location since 1957.

For more information, call the Weed Ross Agency at 716-699-2388 or visit them at www.weedross.com.