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Local Shops Gear Up For Winter Deals
The City Garage

The Boardroom Snowboard Shop saw the momentum of Burton Step On carry into Year 2, selling out of inventory at a rapid pace. The snowboard industry’s continued experiments with blended cambers put brands like Lib Tech, Burton and Salomon all at the top of the list. Anon’s m4 goggle, with a magnetic lens change system and magnetic facemask integration, was a home run in its first season. Select product at The Boardroom is now on sale, and discounts will continue until the end of the season and The Legion Sale! (March 16th & 17th) 

The City Garage embraced change, selling nearly all of the Head Razzle Dazzle and K2 heated ski boot. They continued their push with telemark skiing, selling and cultivating the “free the heel” movement. The City Garage is having a monster “inventory reduction sale” on winter product until they transition to their summertime goodies. You can find great equipment at great pricing at The Garage, plus at The Legion Sale! 

Mud, Sweat N’ Gears continued to be the go-to spot for high-end ski tuning at “The Speed Factory,” as well as re-energizing the ski and snowboard scene with their East Aurora location. Skiers were treated to A+ bootfitting all year long from Miguel Azcarate, and Kim Reading’s curation of brands like Turtle Fur and other softgoods kept visitors warm all season. Mud, Sweat N’ Gears will announce a dedicated sale in the coming weeks, and you can find more great product at The Legion Sale! 

Dekdebrun’s Apex Store, while working on appointment only, still hung around the scene by providing personalized shopping experiences. Apex, a snowboard boot that fits into a chassis to convert into a ski boot, is one of the industry’s most intriguing items. Greg and his crew are still by appointment only, but if you see an open sign next to the door, head up and see what they’ve got. They’re running a sale now until the end of the season. 

The City Garage - Ellicottville’s Year Round Store of Fun 

Every good ski town has the shop that defines skiing. The City Garage, skier owned and operated, prides itself on being that shop. Proprietors of fine ski and winter equipment, the Garage has cultivated a dedicated, cult-like following that won’t shop anywhere else. Premier bootfitting, vast knowledge and hosting events like “Telestock” all play into the tagline of “We Are Skiers.” 

“Even through an up and down year weather-wise, we still prevailed,” said Trey Claus, The City Garage’s Mr. Man. “We continue to push the telemark skiing thing, but telemark skiing is dead so it doesn’t matter. (*Tele skiing is not dead, but that’s the running joke*). We also were pleasantly surprised at the Head Razzle Dazzle and K2’s heated boots. Too very hot sellers!”

Cultivating and maintaining the ski vibe is no easy task. Thankfully, the Garage has a loyal legion of skiers/employees who keep the vibe going strong. Tom “Too Tall” Blasco, Adam “X” Sauerwein, Trey, and of course The Head Wrench — show owner Sean Lowes. 

Now at the tail end of the season, The Garage will begin its massive “inventory reduction sale” where you can find a plethora of good deals on skis, boots, poles, clothing and everything else skiing. They’ll also be at The Legion Sale, a ski and snowboard sale put on by Ellicottville’s shops (that’s happening March 16th & 17th). 

While the other shops in town close down for the summer, The City Garage transitions to summertime fun store. They’ve carved out a niche, offering a product line that’s unique but practical. 

“We went to the OR (Outdoor Research) last June at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver,” Clauss said. “There were some very cool things there. We saw the first ever insulated dog bowl from Yeti. And we’re excited to announce that we’re getting back into the paddleboard game.” 

Previously, The City Garage sold stand up paddleboards from BIC, but this year will order from the Red Paddle Company. Founded by John Hibbard just over a decade ago, the Red Paddle Company uses patented technology in their boards to make them stiffer (to mimic a traditional hardboard) and the Titan Pump, which gets SUPs inflated in half the time. 

“We’ll carry beginner, intermediate and advanced boards from them,” Clauss said. “But that’s not all! A full contingent of summertime clothing from Kuhl and Flylow (one of our great ski clothing brands), Birkenstock sandals, Eno Hammocks and of course Yeti coolers.” 

If you’ve never checked out Yeti’s line, go to The City Garage this summer. There are massive coolers, mid-size zippered coolers (perfect for the back of a golf cart), wine tumblers, insulated coozies and lots more. You’ll also find Stanley Drinkwear (for the working man!) and GCI Outdoor chairs (the fire pit rocker). 

“We are Ellicottville’s year round ski shop! And your one-stop shop for everything fun. Come by and see us any time of the year.” 

For more information on The City Garage, head to www.citygarageskishop.com, @thecitygarage on Instagram or just pop by and say hello to the crew.