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The Boardroom

6113 Route 219,
Ellicottville, NY | boardsandpowder.com

35 Years of The Boardroom! That has to feel pretty great. How have you managed to maintain the same level of service and commitment to snowboarding?

First and foremost, it’s our passion for what we do. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to sell snowboards as a means of living, and we don’t take that for granted. For the past 35 years, we’ve tried to create an atmosphere of fun, trust and dedication to our customers and standing sideways. That being said, we would be not be in the position we’re in without the loyalty of the people that shop with us - you guys are the real MVPs. We have so much fun coming to the store every day. And we try to let that fun permeate into what we do and how we engage with our customers. Our product mix has always been good, but this year might be the best yet. A powerhouse combination of brands - Burton, Lib Tech, Salomon, Jones, GNU, Roxy, Giro, Quiksilver, 686 (just to name a few) - coupled with our product knowledge puts our customers at ease buying with us because we 1. know what we’re talking about and 2. care enough to not sell you the wrong thing. After 35 years, we feel like we’re doing something right.

What’s new in the shop this year?

Burton Step On returns for year 3, and we’re one of the only dealers in the surrounding area to carry it. There’s a lot of new technology from all of our brands, including the Hydra Jacket from 686 (comes with built-in water pouch and drinking tube). There will also be a much larger selection of Boardroom specific apparel - hoodies, crews, t-shirts, dad caps, beanies and our iconic Burton x Boardroom bonded zip up - that will be emblazoned with both our traditional shield logo and the 35th Anniversary logo. Most snowboard boots will feature Boa, a twist-to-tighten lacing system. We are also offering seasonal ski rentals, so we can dial the entire family in as a one-stop shop. And new for this year is our Stay Tuned Pass - $99 gets you unlimited tune-ups, all year long.

Your website also got a refresh. What’s new with the online store?

One of the hardest things we’ve had to do as an independent brick & mortar is adapt to the prevalence of Internet sales. Instead of fighting it, we joined it. We’re proud to present our new and improved website, which really enhances the legitimacy of our store and will allow people to browse all of the great product we’ve got. You can add things to a wish list, compare products/pricing, and it’s much easier to buy/navigate than in year’s past. Plus, we’ll utilize the blog feature to keep people up to date on things happening around the store and write-ups on different products. We’ll ship anywhere in the continental United States, and for all of our Cleveland/Pittsburgh/Toronto/Buffalo/Rochester friends - if you’re coming to Ellicottville, you can simply hit “pick up in store” and we’ll have it ready to go for you.

You boast one of the largest selections of goggles in the area. Can you give us a rundown of some of the brands you carry and what sets them apart?

Besides the killer new goggle case that the boss built, you’ll be hard pressed to find the number of brands and options we’ve got for both goggles and helmets. anon’s Magna Tech uses magnets for easily changing your lenses, plus MFI (magnetic facemask integration) where your facemask magnetically attaches to the nose of the goggle. Giro’s Range helmet uses a technology called ConForm, where the entire helmet collapses around your head to create a perfect fit. We’ve also made a decision to carry helmets only with MIPS - multi-directional impact protection system - which is an enhanced safety feature. Every brand has awesome new technology, and we’ve got tons of colorways and pricepoints for all ages.

Will there be a Boardroom Banked #3 this season? 

There will be! Our first year running the Banked, we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants. We have some event experience, but nothing could really prepare us for the unbelievable support we had - over 100 riders! In year 2, we definitely stepped our game up. Holiday Valley has been an awesome partner, allowing us to use Champagne and shape the course how we want it. For this year, the Banked returns on Sunday, March 1 and we’ll continue to grow it, enhance it and generally make it an awesome day to come celebrate snowboarding.