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The City Garage

5 Monroe Street, Ellicottville NY | citygarageskishop.com

This is a big year for The City Garage. Year 20 to be exact. Any celebrations in the works?

October 9, 1999 Fall Festival was opening day. Fast forward to 2019 and we have kept the party going!  We are going to kick off the 20th year with a “Survivor Sunday” shop party after the closing bell of Fall Fest ‘19 ... and plan to keep the celebration going all season long! 

Let us in on your top product picks for this season.

K2 IS BACK, BABY!  After many years of wandering the slopes aimlessly, K2 has found their way back to the top of the mountain ... where they belong!  The all-new Mindbender ski line-up for men and women has been on fire. They (K2) primed the pump last season with a limited release of the ski line; we had them mounted up as fast as we could. Starting at a 90 millimeter under foot, they will slice and dice. We will have them available for retail and rental throughout the season. May I make a note, it was the first official ski sold of the ‘19/‘20 season!  Here Here for K2!

There’s a new ski line coming out of Ellicottville, and The City Garage is the exclusive dealer. Can you cue us in?

Ellicottville is a ski town and now we can say that there are skis made in this ski town. For the past couple of seasons we have been working with EVL Skis at the shop. Anywhere from finishing the bases and edges to mounting up demo/prototype skis for a select few to test. This season they will be launching a full assault in the public market. Look out for a billboard heading south on Route 219, a small custom run of skis for sale, and a few to try via the back shop at The City Garage ... Telemark & Alpine!

Cross country skis, telemark, snowshoes. Indulge …

We have stayed true to our roots since 1999. Skiers Ski! Catering to the ski market in pretty much every category available. Telemark is the red headed stepchild of the alpine world, letting your freak flag fly in a sorts. Cross country is where all of this nonsense started. The Norwegians were clearly onto something when they took to the snow-covered mountain on skinny long skis and leather boots. A means of transportation if you will. Now we have groomed trails, tech clothing, and fast no-wax skis. Get out there and enjoy! If you prefer just a leisurely stroll through the woods or backyard, maybe give our snowshoe rental department a try. Or better yet, come on in and pick a pair up to buy. Then you’ll have no excuses to get outside and bask in all of winter’s glory!

Care to brag about your boot fitter?

Where do we start!? Tim “the bootman” has been fitting boots since well ... before I was born! (1983). Tim has cultivated quite the rep for fixing people’s feet. Near and far, young and old, beginners to seasoned pros, he can do it all.

Wintertime events we should keep our eyes out for ...

We have signed on for a 2nd year with the fine folks at Holiday Valley to host our Sunday Funday Demo Day. Located at the base of Yodeler Lodge, we will be set up Sunday mornings starting at the end of January for 4 Sundays til the end of the season. 1/26, 2/9, 3/1, & 3/22, 2020. These are FREE demo days for YOU. 

February 28, 2020 - TELESTOCK ! This is a one-day show that is one not to miss. We have been doing this event at Holiday Valley on The Champagne Sundeck located at the Yodeler Lodge for years. This is a day devoted to telemark. Once again, a FREE event with product from our top brands for people to try. Group lessons, fun races, human slalom, sausage cookout, and tons of great people!

You’re the only ski shop in town that’s open year-round ...

Summer in Ellicottville attracts a wide variety of people, which normally are not skiers. It’s nice to chat with people and hear about their travels and adventures. Our summer offerings include functional clothing and footwear, fun camping supplies, and the best coolers in the world ... YETI! Summertime is the best time to get the deals on ski equipment too!