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Dekdebruns Apex Store

18 Washington Street (Upper),
Ellicottville, NY | dekdebruns.com

You’ve run Dekdebruns Snowsports for many years, but last year was Year One as Dekdebruns Apex Store. How did it go last season?

My, how time flies when you are selling a phenomenal product. We cannot believe that we have loved Apex for 14 years! Every year we sell more Apex boots than the previous season. Last season was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised that we could sell more product considering our limited hours. Customers liked our use of appointments. They felt that they got more quality time because of the appointment schedule without interruption. And it’s true!  With an appointment, we’re able to provide personal attention to our customers during the entirety of their appointment time slot. I discovered that if someone makes an appointment, they are serious about the product and making a purchase.

As WNY’s exclusive dealer of the Apex brand, can you describe the Apex boot system and how it works? 

The premise behind the Apex boot is comfort, convenience, warmth and performance. This is accomplished with a two-part system. The walking boot is designed to do just that; it allows you to walk and drive in a comfortable boot (think snowboard boot). Snowboard boots have always featured a soft exterior and comfort that no ski boot could offer. Snowboarders could perform all day on the mountain, and then walk around at the end of the day in the same boots and never worry about loosening them up. The Apex Walkable Support Boot provides the comfort and warmth of a snowboard boot that you can ski in all day long. The inner boot is fully heat moldable and can be re-heated multiple times. The material that allows this is extremely warm, and insulation is added to many models. The outer boot uses the dual BOA closure system for customizing the fit to each individual’s needs. They have a full walking sole for good traction.

The second part, called the chasis, is where the performance comes from. It is very rigid         laterally, which helps the skier to put his/her skis on edge. It also offers adjustments to control the desired amount of forward lean and flex. The chassis can also be adjusted for canting per the individual’s needs. It is nanofiber-reinforced for lightweight, high-modulus support, and is designed to work optimize the performance of today’s modern-shaped skis.

There are three new boots for this season and most notably, a true ladies big mountain boot.  While Apex has packed many improvements into their boots, they have kept pricing the same. This season’s boot line-up includes:

• XP ANTERO – Men’s Big Mountain carries over from last season and now available up to a size 32.

• ANTERO-S – Ladies Big Mountain is a brand new top-of-the-line boot with stacked Boa’s and now up to size 27 (no more having to buy a men’s boot)!

• CRESTONE – Men’s All-Mountain Performance

• BIANCA – Ladies All-Mountain Performance

With any new boot, it’s important to have a good fit. Are you still offering boot fitting services and custom footbeds?

I believe that the footbed is the basis for the best fit and the highest performance. We highly suggest a custom footbed to every customer who doesn’t already have one. The Apex boot doesn’t require a lot of boot fitting. In most cases, once we heat fit the inner boot, no more fitting is required. That’s the beauty of the Apex boot. It’s an investment that will certainly provide you with a high quality, low maintenance experience every time you slide them on and head to the slopes.

Your hours of operation ...

We are trying to work by appointment. Our Fall appointments are on Fridays, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday mornings. When we are here at the shop, we place our A-frame sign out front. If you see it, come on up (we are located on the upper floor). For appointments, visit our website www.dekdebruns.com or call 716-490-1621.